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collaborations & the book I will not write

Over the past year I have, at times, failed at producing what I desired because of a sheer lack of time and resources. I am good at some things, great at a few, and terrible at others. Recently, I received advice about hiring help in the form of contributors to this site. It seemed to make sense and I jumped at the chance to lessen my load. We currently have three regular contributors; Allie, Athena and Tina. They are amazing and will continue producing regular content- their work means the world to me!

Through this process though I learned more about myself and my desires for this blog. It all culminated last week when I officially turned down an opportunity to write a book. A book that would have eaten away at the precious time I have to work, and forced me to have others produce more and more content for this space. A book that I would have to write ALL BY MYSELF, which had suddenly made me very sad.

I love producing content for this blog and the magazine. I’ve decided (at least for this season in life) that is where my focus, drive, and energy will continue to go. We are planning some exciting things for the next year, and I could not be more thrilled!

I’ve learned how vitally important it is for me to continue sharing my unique voice here, and to be the one creatively directing all the content, projects, and designs you see. Chelsea said it so eloquently, “your point of view is what your readers want”.

I have also learned along the way that I do need help, both with the things I am terrible at, and the things I don’t have time for.

What this means is that you will see many more posts in the future done as collaborations. More posts with my 2am visions leading them, and the help of others behind them. More photography, designing, staging, crafting done by others. More ideas churned out by me. I hope you like it and if you are interested in being involved, look for more specific announcements on Facebook and Twitter coming up in the next couple weeks. Working together beats working alone any day. Do you agree?

This post is part of a new series where I’ll be sharing glimpses of my life/business and tips I’ve learned about freelance and blogging. Hope you like it. xoxo

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