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colored pencil candles

Colored Pencil Candles!

I was so excited when I saw this pin on how to make crayon candles (you know my love for setting things on fire). The crayons didn’t work… but I loved the idea so much I decided to try it out in another form. And, I am really excited for how these colored pencil candles turned out. Festive and fun!

They worked better than the crayons because the wax didn’t melt all over (fatal flaw of a crayon), and the pencils still had enough wax properties in their tips to light for a couple of minutes. Don’t get me wrong, these will not keep your house bright for a winter storm – but they’ll stay lit, long enough to sing a couple rounds of, “happy birthday!” Perfect for the time you forget to buy the candles, or for a little ones bright rainbow art party.

Colored Pencil Candles!

Colored Pencil Candles!

Here is a set of similar wooden rainbow pencils. Have a very happy weekend!

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