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Flag Cake For Your 4th of July Celebrations

We have been feeling super patriotic this year, so it just seemed right to make a flag cake! These can be made super traditional with red, white, blue, stars, and stripes, or you can add in your fav colors and patterns to put your own spin on it. We are definitely taking this American flag cake to our next summer barbecue, because why not celebrate America all the time?

Flag cake for all the 4th of July parties

American flag cake at your 4th of July festivities

With just a little paper you can turn any cake (homemade or store bought) into an Independence Day celebration. We love the idea of a traditional 4th of July cake with all of the red, white, and blue! It will be the cutest addition to all of your decorations. Add a few gold and silver glitter flags and the cake will be glistening in the light of the fireworks!

This cake will look super cute on a 4th of July decorated table. And to add to the table, try these boozy freezer pops for the adults– Yum!

American flag cake decoration


Putting your own spin on the flag cake

I updated the idea of a tradition cake flag by adding in hot pink, turning the blue into teal, and matching it with polka dots. Lining the cake with red Twizzlers, and including a bit of golden glitter reminds me of my love for fireworks. Stars and stripes forever! And who says flag cakes are only for the 4th of July?? You can add all your favorite colors to celebrate with cake all year long!

American flag cake decorationsHow to make a flag cake


How to make a flag cake

To line the cake in Twizzlers – cut a large package of the candy in half and place around the cake.

To make the paper flags you will need; paper in various shapes and textures, scissors, bamboo kitchen skewers, a ruler, and glue.

How to make a flag cake

Start by cutting out the paper flag shape. I used a pointed flag and an indented flag and mixed sizes and shapes for this cake top creation. Turn the paper over to the backside and trace out the flag designs with a ruler. Cut out as many flag as possible – the more the merrier!

Flag cake decorations

Glue the flags onto the bamboo skewers, layer colors and sizes to get an exploding look. Once dried, place the bamboo skewers into the cakes. You can even add a little bit of edible confetti on top to give the cake some more shine and who doesn’t love confetti! Flag cakes are a fresh and stylish way to celebrate our country’s greatest day.

PS. 4th of July printable cups to match and 11 great flag ideas.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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