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colorful candies & cocktails

Colorful Candy Wrappers

With all the candy and sweets going around this season, I’ve found our aisles filled with yummy treats that are covered in not so awesome packaging. Whether it’s for a party, bringing treats to school, or sweetening up the office this time of year – making your own candy wrappers is a simple way to add a colorful and pretty touch to whatever treats you might be packing.

Colorful Cocktails

Put smarties in glasses for a sweet and colorful cocktails!

Colorful Candy Wrappers

Colorful Smartie Infused Cocktails

Colorful and bright treats don’t need to stop at the candy aisle either. I love the idea of serving our guests bright and festive drinks this time of year. Infusing club soda or champagne with smarties is a great way to add a sweet touch to the already bright and festive sips. Paired with a roll of handwrapped candy, the drink combo creates a cheers of epic color proportions!

Colorful Candy Wrappers

To make the candy wrappers you will need white tissue paper (the kind used to wrap presents), a couple bright colors of paint, twine, water, and mixing bowls.

Colorful Candy Wrappers

Start by putting a couple drops of paint in each bowl, add a small amount of water to dilute the paint for a pretty watercolor affect. Take the tissue paper, cut down into small rectangles, or squares (depending on the candy you’ll be wrapping) and begin dipping. To get our bright painted stripes, dip parts of the papers into different bowls, layering as you go. Lay the tissue out until it’s fully dry.

Colorful Candy Wrappers

Colorful Candy Wrappers

Once the paper is dried, wrap and tie off the ends for a festive and bright party look.

Smartie Infised Colorful Cocktails

Cheers for a fun and festive fall!

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