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Colorful DIY Cornucopia

The tradition of the cornucopia is to symbolize abundance and blessing, which is why we created these colorful DIY Cornucopias. What a perfect time since we are definitely giving thanks this time of year. See how we turned the traditional idea of a cornucopia into a beautiful piece of art with this colorful DIY cornucopia. Colorful DIY Cornucopia

Here are a few more colorful ideas for your Thanksgiving feast

Every year I host Thanksgiving for my family and each year I want to add my personal touch, like these colorful DIY cornucopias. Here are a few of my favorite projects from Thanksgiving past. Let me know in the comments what some of your personal touches to holiday gatherings are!

Colorful Crepe Paper Cornucopia

When I think of blessings – the last color that comes to mind is an earthy brown. Am I right? Let’s give thanks in beautiful color this year! A cornucopia of flowers that is a shocking pink, yellow, teal, or whatever color you can think of as a color of abundance.

Making this bright horn of abundance is quick and easy. Its bold color will easily be the star of any Thanksgiving feast. You can use this beautiful design as the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving table or create one for each of your friends, showing them how thankful you are for them! I sure would love to receive one of these gorgeous colorful DIY cornucopias, what an amazing gift of thanks.


Colorful Cornucopia

To make the colorful crepe cornucopia you will need:

DIY Colorful Crepe Paper Cornucopia


Here are the steps to make this Colorful DIY Cornucopia

  1. Start by cutting off a large section of the crepe paper using the complete width of the paper, ours is about 2 feet. You are going for substantial size here to get the look just right.
  2. Fold the end together and glue at the top. Then wrap the crepe paper into a cone shape gluing down towards the bottom.
  3. Cinch the bottom of the horn tightly, about 5 inches in and glue into place. The crepe paper bends really easily – fold up the end of the horn towards the ceiling and bend into place.
  4. Use a ribbon to tie the end together and to keep the bend firm.

Fill the horn with flowers! We used a small bouquet in a mason jar to keep the flowers fresh and surrounded it with another bouquet. Since the cornucopia stands for abundance, the more flowers the merrier I say. The Thanksgiving table will look stunning and beautiful. All your friends and family will be begging to take this home, I can guarantee it!

Crepe Paper Cornucopia

I just can’t get enough of these beautiful colorful DIY cornucopias, they are so fun and full of beauty! Do you take a modern twist on traditional holiday favorites? What is your unique take on holiday decor? Let us know in the comments!

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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