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colorful party garland and paper trees

Printable party garland

Nothing beats a festive strand of party bunting. No matter what the holiday is… colorful bunting is always the right answer!

Bunting, combined with a simple scene of white tress and peppermint striped straws, makes for a holiday centerpiece reminiscent of the north pole. This little set up will bring a festive touch to your house this season. Make the winter scene to center a table, place on a mantel, or to top a cake! (just switch out the foam board for a cake:)

I found a new trick for making crazy easy party bunting. It’s an awesome party hack for all the celebrations coming our way soon. I’ve partnered with Avery today to share this bunting printable and the easy trick to use their labels to make the entire process a piece of cake.

Printable party garland

How to make printable party garland.

To make the winter forest scene you’ll need one package of full page labels, a package of white shipping labels, an x-acto knife, red and white striped straws, kitchen skewers, tape, string, a foam core board, and our printable miniature bunting template.

To make the colorful party bunting, start by printing out the miniature bunting template onto a sheet of white shipping labels. Cut each double triangle to size. Lay out a length of string and place each bunting piece in the middle of the string and simply fold over to secure the bunting triangle in place. Party decorating couldn’t be any easier!

To hang the bunting in this winter scene, use tape to secure a skewer inside each of the striped straws and cut two small slits at the top of the straw. Place the straws the winter forest scene by sticking the skewers into the foam board. Rest the bunting string into the small cuts at the top of the straws to hold into place.

Make the white tree forest by using an x-acto knife to cut two identical large triangles from a full sheet of white label paper. Remove the label backing and secure the triangles together (sticky side to sticky side), placing a wooden skewer between them. Stick the skewer into the foam board to stand the trees upright.

A holiday party scene

Printable party garland

Use the colorful bunting tutorial to liven up any party this season. Make the bunting in large form by following the directions above but using our full scale party bunting template. The large scale bunting is made to print on these clear full label sheets. Cut and fold over string, just like the miniature version above and be ready for your next bout of revelry at a moments notice.

I love using labels for projects like this. Anytime I can get away with just sticking something instead of pulling out the messy glue I am a happy hostess. Avery has label packages to make all kinds of party decorations, shipping labels for your Christmas presents, even wrappers for all the sweets that will be shared this season. See more ideas right here.

This post is done in a promotional partnership with Avery – a brand I use often. Read more about our holiday promotional partnerships for fall.

(Photography ©Catherine MacBride/Stocksy United).

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