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A Colorful Wall of DIY Painted Plates

Inside: How to hang DIY painted plates on a wall.

I love the huge impact these DIY painted plates have on the space, they turned the wall behind my desk from plain jane white to bright and festive – such a great mood booster. Normally a huge work of colorful art costs a fortune, but painting plates can be done for a very small investment and the result is quite smashing


DIY Plates

Colorful wall plates

A few things you will need to make these DIY painted plates

To make a similar wall of DIY painted plates – download our plate decal template right here.

You’ll need one roll of white contact paper and spray paint in various bright colors (here’s my favorite spray paint brand to use). You can grab a collection of any type of plates to paint on. We used these clear ones which provided a nice smooth surface and the standard size gave a symmetrical feel to the project. You could also do it with thrifted plates in different sizes as well. Just make sure there is not too much texture on the front side of the plates or the decals will not lay flat.

You’ll also need a plate wire hanging system, you can purchase a set like this or do it the DIY way. Use super glue to secure thick photo hanging wire to the backs of each plate. Just be sure if you plan to DIY the process that the plates are not hanging above anything that could be harmed (like a baby in a crib), just to be safe.


DIY Painted Plates

DIY Painted Plates Tutorial

Start by spray painting the plates. It is easiest to do this on the backside if you use the clear plates. Be sure to do a couple of light sprays to ensure the paint does not run. Allow the plates to dry fully and cure the full 24 hours before adhering the decals.

Print out the decals and trace them onto white contact paper. Cut out the designs to place them onto the DIY plates.

Once the plates are fully dry, place the contact paper decals directly onto the front side of the plates. Do this slowly smoothing out the decal as you go to remove any air bubbles.


How to hang plates on wall

How to hang plates on the wall

The last step is how to hang the plates on the wall. To secure the wire to the backside of the plates and hang each one on the wall. Hang the plates in a fun sporadic pattern, or in a grid. Either way, you do it, the wall will get an instant facelift.



colorful painted plates


Although I adore this DIY painted plates idea for every day at home, you can also use it to make any party space feel extra special. Instead of our printable design decals, trace out letters to spell congrats, love, happy birthday, or another party sentiment.

PS. Another fun way to use contact paper to update a wall and a contact paper table runner.


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  1. I’m assuming these plates can’t be eaten off, right? How could they be done so they could be? They’d be great for a party. Any ideas?

    • Mary, Nope – not these ones. Pure spray paint = toxic to eat! We have a post coming up in a couple weeks with a different version that you can totally eat off of, stay tuned:) I agree they would be fabulous to serve at a party.

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