This is one of those projects that after it is done, I think to myself – I’m opening an Etsy shop and selling these for the rest of my life… Then we thought about how much they would be to ship… Oye. Although heavy, these concerete cake stands are a cinch to make. And at at the $3 a bag going rate for concrete, you could make about 300 for under $5, in just an afternoon. These cake stands are perfect for presents, parties, or your own at-home display.

To make the concrete cake stands, start with a small amount of concrete mixed in a bucket according to package directions. Use the mixture to fill a plastic cup and a cake pan. Use tinfoil temporary pie tins for easy removal. If you use regular kitchen tins you will need to coat the bottom first with plastic wrap to remove the dried concrete.

Pour the concrete in and let dry about twenty-four hours. Remove the cup or tins and use a concrete glue bond to attach the upside down cup to the plate to create the simple cake stands. To make the cake stands food safe (important!) be sure to use a light layer of concrete sealer and then a layer of food safe wax on top.

Photography done in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel Photography