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confetti and rabbits

A couple weeks ago I had the fun opportunity to be a part of Jenn’s launch party for her new site. She hosted a gallery table exhibit, which meant I got the chance to create a table that was festive and wonderland inspired, but it did not have to be functional. A stylists dream!

I used bright confetti as a jumping off point and white rabbits to add a modern, graphic punch to the design. The rabbits where placed on top of butcher blocks (to bring in the woodsy feel) and underneath “looking glass” plates. I used bright pink honeycombs (tutorial found here) and set out DIY cards for those who would want to attempt them at home.

The table was centered with gray stands that I made with thrifted candle sticks and old serving trays. They were topped with simple cakes and bright confetti. It all ended up very wild and Tim Burton-esqe which I adored.

The night was a lot of fun and I am overjoyed to have a part in styling for and helping to promote Jenn’s new site (hooray!).

Photography by Dan Fields, see the rest of the tables here.



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    • Jenny, it was actually a left over Christmas decoration from Target that I snagged at 90% off two years ago. They had a whole stack that I grabbed up knowing I would use them someday:)

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