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confetti blower party horns

Confetti Party Blowers

If there’s one party style I love, it is bright! I’ve learned over the years there is a fine line between bright fun, and overkill. This is why I’ve loved receiving this new launch of Crystal Cut Party Products by Chinet. Crazy patterned plates and cups can definitely be overkill, while this crystal clear set is great for showing off my very bright love of confetti!

To share this love of confetti with our guests, I created these paper confetti blower party horns. They’re easy to make and will give bright substance to a toast, bid a bride and groom a fun filled goodbye, or shower a birthday gal in cake worthy style. Think party horn, but instead of noise – you get noise and confetti! Consider it a major product upgrade.

Confetti Party Blowers

Confetti Party Blowers

To make the confetti party blowers; purchase basic party blowers from the store, confetti, and sheets of pretty paper that coordinate with your reason for celebrating. One sheet of 12×12 scrapbook paper will make 3 confetti blower party horns. Start by removing the current party horn paper. Use the removed paper as a template to trace out the new horn design on the purchased paper. Cut, roll, tape into place with double sided tape before inserting back into the party horn.

Next, loosely fill the inside of the party horns about 3/4 of the way bright confetti. Cut a small circle of paper the leftover scrapbook paper and place inside the confetti filled party horn. This will keep the confetti inside until the horn is ready to blow. As your guests use the horns the paper will come out first and then a showing of bright, festive, fun confetti!

Confetti Party Blowers

Confetti Party Blowers

To make sure your party remains festively fun and does not stray into the overkill zone (no matter how much confetti your party horns produce), the Chinet Cut Crystal Family carried away party kit is so great! The party kit includes… 2 packages Chinet Cut Crystal Dinner Plates, 2 packages Chinet Cut Crystal Dessert Plates, 2 packages Chinet Cut Crystal 14 oz. Cups, 2 packages Chinet Cut Crystal 9 oz. Cups, 1 package Chinet Cut Crystal Forks, 1 package Chinet Cut Crystal Knives, 1 package Chinet Cut Crystal Spoons. Add a bag of confetti and consider your party set.

Photography by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry.

This post is sponsored by Chinet. Thanks for supporting our partners! xoxo

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