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confetti dot tablecloth

Confetti dot tablecloth

Confetti is a party necessity. No matter what event we are hosting, I love for confetti to be involved. To save on the need for sweeping and vacuuming tiny little pieces that never seem to fully disappear – let’s take our confetti to the big leagues.

Large paper cut confetti adorning a simple tablecloth… It will take your space and make it a gorgeous place to party in no time. Ahhh. I am in love.

I especially love this tablecloth for outdoor parties (think parks, beaches and weddings) as it instantly covers a fold out picnic table, or those not very cute event tables and turns them into festive works of art.

Confetti dot tablecloth

Confetti dot tablecloth

Confetti dot tablecloth

Confetti dot party tablecloth

To make the confetti dot tablecloth all you need is paper in various and colors, a small hole punch, scissors and safety pins (or a needle and thread).

Confetti dots

Start by cutting circles from paper in three different sizes. I find that using my set of nesting bowls is perfect for this – just lay the bowl down, trace and cut. Cutting 3-4 pieces at a time (with good scissors!) will save prep time in making the tablecloth.

Confetti dot tablecloth

Once all the holes are cut, punch a hole at the top and bottom of each circle, except for the ones that will be on the bottom. Those just need a hole in the top. Tie a piece of twine through the top hole, then safety pin the circle to the tablecloth, or stitch it with a hand sewing needle.

Confetti dot party tablecloth

Tie the descending circles to the top one with twine to achieve the desired table length. Have fun and mix of the sizes of the circles and the lengths of your strands for a table with great visual impact!

(Photography by Tina Fussell for A Subtle Revelry)

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