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Confetti popper valentines

confetti popper Valentines

Although paper Valentine’s are nice, especially when written with just the right romantic font. I tend to prefer ones of the more 3D nature (see love shower pináta valentine and you’re taa-riffic). I’m always smitten by something with a bit of extra substance and flair.

These push poppers filled with confetti, treats and wishes of love will be a hit when passed from kid to kid this year. I love that these confetti poppers are part pinata (stuffed with goodies), part party (with the push, the pop and the bang), and part sweet Valentine. The littles will have a blast making these and classmates will adore bursting the poppers to reveal their Valentine treats.

Confetti Popper Valentines

Confetti Popper Valentines

Confetti fileld popper valentines

Confetti Popper Valentines

Push pop confetti valentines

To make the push pop confetti Valentines you will need; push pops, one per Valentine (keep in mind it doesn’t matter at all what the packing of these looks like, Sponge Bob all the way!). Also, a mixture of paper and washi tape for covering the outside, twine and tissue paper for covering the top, and a slew of goodies + confetti for filling the inside with.

I will also note, this project is easiest when done near a kitchen sink.

Start by emptying out all the push pops of their ice cream. Gently push up the base and use a spoon to scoop out the ice cream. You can save the ice cream in a bowl for a later use if desired, like this ice cream birthday cake. Or wash down the sink (it’s not the best quality anyway). Allow each push pop to fully dry.

Once the push pops are dry, cover the outside of each container. We used a collection of fun paper and washi tape. This is such a great kid’s Valentine craft because the more eclectic the containers look the better! Combine stripes, polka dots and patterns galore for festively fun looking Valentines.

Next comes the fun part, fill the push pops! There is a big enough space to put all kinds of fun Valentine themed goodies in here. Candy, a note of love, and a handful of confetti should be first priority.

Confetti Popper Valentines

Confetti Popper Valentines

Once the confetti push pops are filled – finish them off by folding pieces of tissue paper over the tops and securing with twine. Hand these confetti poppers out for bursts of sweet Valentine fun next week.

The confetti push poppers are also really fun to do for any type of party. Have a birthday party coming soon? Fill the push pops with colorful confetti and birthday treats for a goodie bag with a bang! Fill with gold confetti for wedding favors, or bright colorful confetti for a sweet spring soiree.

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