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conversation heart candy boxes


Conversation Heart Candy Boxes

You know those heart-shaped boxes of chocolate that start filling the shelves this time of year? You know how you love them, and hate them, all at the same time? I mean they are so bad… but also really good. And for whatever reason, they all come with the WORST designs on them. Something about Valentine’s Day makes every chocolate brand completely forget that there is anything but puke red and bad 90’s floral patterns around.

Well, we’ve come to the rescue with DIY covers for chocolate boxes. Buy a couple boxes and turn them into bright, fun, modern conversation hearts! It’s super easy + your friends/co-workers/sweet hearts will adore them.

Conversation Heart Candy Boxes

Conversation Heart Candy Boxes

To make the conversation heart candy boxes this year all you need is a few bright pieces of scrapbook paper, a package of white alphabet stickers and a glue stick. Piece of cake! Or piece of chocolate. Or oops, the whole box is gone:) Here’s how you do it:

Conversation Heart Candy Boxes

Conversation Heart Candy Boxes

Conversation Heart Candy Boxes

Take the top off the candy heart box and trace it onto the backside of your scrapbook paper. Cut out, flip over, and use a glue stick to attach it to the box top. Out of all the craft glues in my arsenal, I swear my kid’s glue stick works best for this project. Allow to dry for a couple minutes and place your stickers on the paper. That’s it! These boxes have quickly become my favorite new gift to give for Valentine’s Day.

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