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Cotton Candy Halloween costume

I’ve never been big on Halloween spook… but party costumes!?! Bright and colorful dress up. That is fun I am always on board for. Continuing our colorful Halloween tradition of the past few years – here is the latest idea in our party costume series. A Cotton Candy Costume! Because adorning a huge poof of pink fluff will make Halloween brighter for everyone.

Cotton Candy Costume

Cotton Candy Halloween Costume

To make this fun cotton candy costume you will need;

  • 1 large lantern
  • Length of pink ribbon
  • 2 bags of white batting
  • Pink spray paint (I suggest these two shades here and here).
  • Spray glue
  • A pink outfit, candy-colored lipstick, and temporary hair dye (optional and just for fun!)

Cotton Candy Halloween Costume

To create this Cotton Candy Costume start by cutting down one side of the lantern and attach a piece of pink ribbon to each side so you will be able to tie the finished piece across your stomach.

  1. Glue the batting onto the lantern with spray glue. Do this step outside over a painted canvas, spray glue fumes are just as strong as spray paint. Start with a small layer and continue spraying and building out the cotton candy until it is the size and height you’d like. The more the merrier.
  2. Once the batting is all attached, begin painting it pink. Spray in light coats using the light pink spray paint first. Accent with the darker paint and allow the entire piece to fully dry.
  3. Adorn an outfit of pink, candy costume clad lips, and then tie on the lantern underneath your clothing. Wear the cotton candy costume out on the town for a Halloween costume that will stop the sweet gathers in their tracks. So much fun!


Cotton Candy Halloween Costume (Click for the DIY)

This fun cotton candy costume might go well with a party cake costume, honeycombs, or a bouquet of balloons. See all our other Halloween ideas.


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  1. I love it and I am trying to recreate it however I am a bit unclear on the directions about cutting down one side of the lantern. Are there any further details you could provide? Do you cut through the wires within the lantern?

    Any help or images would be appreciated. Thanks!

      • Hi! When you cut through the lantern you will be cutting the wires and all! They will still do their job in holding the lantern width in place, but cutting them allows an entrance to the piece. :) Hope that helps!

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