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five easy cranberry recipes

Combine this tart holiday fruit with everything from cheese to chocolate and quickly whip up holiday treats that everyone will love. Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks to make this traditional fruit great.

Sugared cranberries make a perfect seasonal treat. Wrap them up and soak in Bourbon for great gifts. Bowls of them sugared on the table make everyone happy.

Cranberries threaded on simple kitchen skewers make wonderful additions to holiday drinks. They are festive looking and lend a tart touch to sweeter juices and cocktails this season.

Cranberry and popcorn threading is a beloved tradition to adorn Christmas trees, but when made in small form the kids will be thrilled with a festive treat to wear and eat. The best cranberries for this simple kids project are dried ones, which you can purchase at most stores.

A simple cranberry adorned Christmas cake has become a staple of the season for us. Here are a few tips for making it just right.

The sugared variety is a great partner to many cheeses. Serve these sweet treats at your holiday party with simple holiday flags. Your guests will be asking for more in no time!

Styling and Photography by Melissa Coleman. Art direction by Victoria Hudgins for A Subtle Revelry, The Holiday Issue.

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