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Creative Halloween Makeup Ideas

I’m a big fan of dressing up for Halloween. And a makeup costume might be just the right amount of festive spunk this year. Instead of adorning a full-fledged dress up, grab a couple of colorful Halloween makeup idea details and a little time in front of the mirror. For a fun and creative alternative to a full body getup this year.

Art Canvas Halloween Makeup

Become your own art canvas. With my constant obsession with crafting, I obviously adore this look. Use bright face paint in pretty colors to create a painter’s canvas directly on the face. So fun! Pink lips and an artist smock will finish off the look in style.

A constellation face to go with this fun constellation pumpkin! A white eyeliner pencil and a bit of subdued makeup are all that’s needed for this gorgeous look. Add in a couple star stickers throughout your hair (or just add a star filter later on:) for a pretty dress up look that will take you from office to party come Halloween.

Flower Fairy Halloween Makeup

Feather Lashes

This flower fairy look is sweet and a cinch to pull off. Layer a couple pairs of fluffed feather eyelashes with natural looking Halloween makeup ideas. Then attach faux flowers with bobby pins throughout the hair.

Clown Costume Makeup

I know creepy clowns are have been an issue this season, but who can resist a gorgeous take on the modern clown look that includes a white faux fur coat?! Create the look by making exaggerated eyes, lips, and a wild head of hair. Don’t forget the balloons!

Harlequin Costume Makeup

Suicide squad Harlequin look. To recreate this look follow along. You can find the exact youtube DIY directions right here. Dressing up never sounded quite this fun!

PS. More Halloween costume inspiration for you.

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