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Creative Ideas For Giving Flowers

Creative Ideas For Giving Flowers

It’s finally here! After all the heart balloons, pinatas, printables, and yummy treat ideas Valentine’s Day is this weekend.

Even if you somehow forgot, you will surely be reminded by the guy selling roses on the corner as you drive around town. Flowers have long been associated with Valentine’s Day and I love a gorgeous bunch as much as the next gal, but I don’t think grabbing the quickest bouquet shows thoughtful affection for someone you really adore.

Instead, I’d prefer to spend a couple extra minutes and create a floral bouquet that screams, “I thought of you before I saw the guy with the roses in his pick-up truck. I Promise I did!”.

Here are three creative ideas for giving flowers to your favorite people in an easy & thoughtful way.

Hoya kerrii plant

Buy a plant that looks like a heart.

This version of the Hoya kerrii plant looks just like a heart which I love. The succulent will outlive any bouquet and has a calming graphic feel to it. Although it may be too late to order it online in time for Valentine’s Day this year – our local garden shop has a couple in stock so calling around town might end you up with a very thoughtful floral gift.


Creative Ideas For Giving Flowers

Grab more than one bunch.

Instead of shelling out buku bucks for a custom bouquet to impress that Valentine, opt to spend the money on lots of flowers instead. While one bunch of store bought ranunculus or a single garden bouquet might not be a showstopper – buying 5 bunches and gifting them together will be! It almost doesn’t even matter what type of flower you choose, when given in mass it is always amazing.

This is maybe my best kept trick for turning anything from a dinning table, to a party, to a Valentine’s gift into something really special. Just pick one type of flower or bouquet and go to town. Buy as much as you can and use it to fill a large vase, or tie with thick ribbon for a creatively gorgeous and super easy floral gift.

Painted heart Valentine bouquet

Plant something else in the flower pot.

For teachers and co-workers sometimes the same old flowers can get dull. Instead find wooden hearts you can paint, balloons, candy, or even gift cards and plant away. It’s the only type of floral gift that will never wilt.

And if you are looking for even more floral ideas… here are a few favorites from the achieves…

Floral topped cake

Floral topped cake that is sweetly pretty.

Prnitable labels

Floral cup wrappers for early morning Valentine coffee – makes me want to swoon.


Floral print vases to make the desk and dinning room Valentine ready.


Carnation garland is my favorite way to present these overlooked flowers.


Succulents planted in colored sand will be a winner on any mantel all spring long.


A Rosemary wreath for your favorite friend at work.


And also… 10 of the best cactus to gift.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s weekend. xoxo

(Photography ©Ruth Black, ©Adrian Cotiga, ©jessechamberlin, ©BONNINSTUDIO, ©Robert Zaleski/Stocksy United, all others linked to achieved article).

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