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crepe paper wreaths

Crepe paper wreaths

I am so excited to welcome in a new fall season with you today! Fall is one of my favorite times of year. Everything from the schedules, to the pumpkins, I just about die of inspiration every fall. One thing I don’t love is the loads of neutrals this season can often get drenched in. That’s why I’m excited to continue our annual tradition of keeping fall bright and festive this year.

Starting with these colorful crepe paper twist wreaths.

Crepe paper is a cinch to work with, and these wreaths will bring just the right amount of bright pizzazz to your decorating this fall. Make one for the door. Make a bunch to gussy up a mantel. Coordinate the colors for a quick party wall. You can even make a stash to hand out for cheering on the team this weekend.

Hooray for fall!

Crepe paper wreaths

Crepe paper wreaths

Crepe paper wreaths

Crepe paper wreaths

To make the crepe paper wreaths you’ll need; crepe paper, scissor and a length of jewelry wire. We used 24 gauge wire, but any thickness that will hold your wreath form will work. A good rule of thumb – the bigger the wreath, the thicker the wire.

How to make a crepe paper wreath

Cut the crepe paper into ovals. Make the ovals about 3 inches for the small wreaths, 5 inches for the large ones.

Fold the ovals in half and gently twist around the wire. Continue cutting, folding and twisting until the wreath is fully formed.

Crepe paper wreaths

A festive way to adorn the walls and welcome in a new season of crafty, revelrious bliss!

PS. More bright fall ideas right here.

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