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How to Create a Front Braid

Braids are in everywhere this spring, but this crisscross front braid is an exceptionally pretty concept. I love how seamless it looks and thankfully would take the place of my tired out bangs. A perfect spruce up for spring. Jesy Almaguer has graciously agreed to share with us the how-to create this pretty party look.

Front Braid

How to create this front braid

This front braid look requires that the hair is straight, before ironing and all one length ie. no bangs. This braid (like any) stays in slightly dirty hair better than fully clean. If you’ve just showered add hairspray before starting to give strength to the style.

  1. First, divide the front part of the hair and make a braid crossing from one extremity attached to the front of the other
  2. Then grab the strands from the other extremity and pass through the braid, as if you were to sew from the inside out
  3. After four or five braided strips are in place, hold down with a bobby pin and you have your criss-cross hair ready
  4. The rest of the hair can be any way you want – this look is pretty with a ponytail or straight down in the back

Hair styling and makeup by Liz Vilchez and photography by Jesy Almaguer.


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