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cupake liner flowers

* Welcome to the winter celebration challenge, so fresh and so clean! This DIY project belongs to Cyd’s night of glitzy gold design.

The cupcake liners featured throughout Cyd’s party were such a fun detail. Used as placeholders at each of her guests seats and also on top of a fabulous looking cake. They are an easy and inexpensive way to bring a crafted touch to your next dinner party.

To create the flowers simply combine layers of cupcake liners together, one on top of another, with hot glue. While the glue is still hot twist from the back (bottom) layer and scrunch in to create the flower shape.

Simple and beautiful, my kind of project! All of a sudden, I would really like to make hundreds of these and line them up on a wall in a spring color progression. Seriously…

Thanks for sharing this design and concept with us Cyd.


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