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Cupcake Flower Bouquet – Using Russian Piping Tips

Inside: How to make and frost a cupcake flower bouquet using Russian piping tips.

It’s the time of year where we give flowers to everyone. But why give flowers you can’t eat, when you can make this pretty cupcake flower bouquet instead!? They are sweet to look at and even better to taste! Even though the cupcakes look complicated to design, they are really simple with the right piping tips. Follow our easy cupcake bouquet recipe to make a batch any Valentine will love this year.

Cupcake Flower Bouquet

Where to buy Russian piping tips

Three Christmas’s ago, I received these Russian piping tips, that I had never seen before. They were HUGE, and had the weirdest designs. Well it took me three years to finally figure out what they are, what they are called, and what they do.

They are called Russian piping tips, and they make piping flowers for a cupcake flower bouquet SO EASY! You can buy your own gorgeous set right here. Now I can finally (truthfully haha) say I’ve used the piping tips, and that I love them!

Cupcake Flower Bouquet - Using Russian Piping Tips

How to make a cupcake flower bouquet for Valentine’s Day

Make your own cupcake flower bouquet to deliver this Valentine’s Day or really any day to make someones day instantly brighter.

Cupcake flower bouquet

Cupcake flower bouquet recipe created with buttercream and Russian piping tips. 

Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword cupacke bouquet, Flower desserts, Russian piping
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
cooling time 1 hour
Total Time 55 minutes
Servings 12 people
Calories 375 kcal


  • 1 box Cake mix
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1 cup veg oil


  • 4 sticks Butter softened
  • 8 cups Powdered Sugar
  • 4 tbsp Milk room temp
  • 2 tsp Vanilla
  • 2 dashes salt


  1. Mix the box cupcake mix with ingredients as the box will tell you. Place in a cupcake tray with liners.

  2. Bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 18-21 minutes. 

  3. Allow to cool to the touch on a counter and then place in the fridge to chill for up to 1 hour. While they are chilling mix the buttercream to frost.

  4. These are going to turn out gorgeous no matter what! 

American Buttercream Recipe

  1. Now make some American buttercream, and remember STIFF PEAKS are the key. 

  2. Start by beating the softened butter for 5 minutes. No more, no less. Gradually (no powdered sugar snow storms) add the powdered sugar, until combined. Slowly mix in the milk, vanilla, and the salt.

  3. Concentrate on STIFF peaks as you add the milk, and vanilla. These flowers won’t work with a soft buttercream. So if you realize you have added enough milk before adding all of the milk called for, stop adding the milk. STIFF PEAKS. 
  4. Now it's time to color! Pick your favorite colors of food coloring (I use Americolor for the most brightest, and vibrant colors), and start mixing colors for your bouquet.

cupcake flowersHow to frost and create a cupcake flower bouquet with Russian piping tips

Now to turn these chilled cupcakes and colorful frosting into this gorgeous work of floral dessert art you will need:

  • Cupcakes
  • American Buttercream (Recipe above)
  • Russian Piping Tips
  • Food Coloring
  • Piping Bags
  • Scissors
  • Leaf Piping Tip

Russian piping tips chart for making flowers

Russian piping tips chart for making flowers

Once you are happy with your color palette, place the Russian piping tips into large piping bags, and cut off the end. Add your frosting to the piping bags. Use this Russian piping tips chart we have here to determine which tip to use for which flower design. They are all pretty and I think mixing them up creates the best looking cupcake flower bouquet possible.

The trick to these flowers is the pull away

Here’s how to get a perfect pull away when making your cupcake flowers… Hold the tip close to the cupcakes, almost touching, squeeze, and pull away.

These tips aren’t made for the tallest of the flowers. They look better short, to show off the stamen inside the petals.

the best cupcake flower bouquet recipe for a fun flower dessertNow that you have the hang of it – experiment with different tips, and create a beautiful bouquet of cupcakes. Once you are happy with the flowers on your cupcakes, add leaves to add even more detail, and beauty to your floral cupcake bouquet. Happy piping.

PS. And while we are thinking about Valentine’s Day these ones are cute and here’s another sweet treat you might want to try.

(Photos @ASubtleRevelry created for us by Brie Zacher).

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  1. I’ve seen on YouTube that you can spread the main color icing on the wrap and then layer the center color icing on top. Roll up the icing and then put that in the piping bag. The center color icing should be coming out center :). Hope this help.

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