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curly Q drink stirs

This paper curly Q craft is a great way to mark drinks and liven up whatever you are serving for a spring party!

To make the curly Q drink stirrers; cut pieces of coordinating paper into thin strips of varying widths and wrap each strip around the pencil to make it curl. Up to this point you can use your paper curls for just about anything, hang in a line for bunting or attach to a present instead of a bow.

For the drink stirrers, simply grab a handful of kitchen skewers and glue a few curly Qs to the ends. Glue them one at a time and shape out while you work. Make a variety of colorful drink stirrers for a fun party or a more coordinated palette to liven up a formal affair.

Project styling by Michelle Edgemont. Photography by Amber Marlow for Styled. magazine.

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