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cutie catcher party hats

Cutie Catcher Party Hat | A Subtle Revelry

Cutie catchers are one of those items that bring back great childhood memories for me. I spent many lazy afternoons crafting, folding, and playing them with friends. That sense of nostalgia must be why I love this idea so much!

Create your own simple party hats using this? age-old papercraft. The cutie catcher hats look festive and whimsical for birthday parties, and with our confetti dotted printable template they are a cinch to pull together.

Cutie Catcher Party Hat DIY | A Subtle Revelry

Read on for the printable template and instructions.

To download the template for this cutie catcher hat, click the photo above and print. Cut around the outer lines and fold along the inner lines. Then punch both sides of the cutie catcher to string your ribbon through. Make each hat from one, two, or ten of the cutie catchers (just stack and glue as you go) for a fun and festive display at any birthday party.

Posts in this party hat series are styled and photographed by Carly Taylor under the creative direction of Victoria Hudgins for A Subtle Revelry.

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