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Totally Awesome DIY 80s Party Decorations

Inside: Totally awesome DIY 80s Party Decorations. 

Where’re my 80’s babies at? I don’t know if you have noticed, but we love a good themed party around here. Recently I have been planning some fun party ideas for upcoming birthday bashes and I just knew I needed to have an 80’s themed bash!

So here is a list of my favorite DIY 80’s party decorations and ideas that are sure to be a great time.

DIY 80s Party DecorationsFun 80’s Party Decorations

Invitations: Every party starts with the perfect invite. There DIY 80s party invitations set the perfect tone for your bash!

DIY Disco Ball: No party is complete without a fun and sparkly disco ball. Here is a fun DIY to make you own DISCO ball at half the cost of just buying one!

Cutest Sweets: Check out these ADORABLE 80’s inspired cookies! How fun are they!

Photo Booth: Create a fun splatter paint photo booth for all your guest with this fun and easy DIY 80’s inspired photo booth! 

Fortune Teller Garland: This is probably of my favorite 80’s party ideas. Make some fun neon paper fortunes and string them together for a fun and fest decor idea!

Cake & Costumes Circa 1980

Slime Cake: This yummy marshmallow creme slime cake is bringing back all the 80’s Nickelodeon vibes!

Fruity Pebbles Dip: Bring back the 80’s in cereal form with this tasty fruity pebbles dip! Plus it makes a great DIY 80’s party decoration with its fun colors!

Candy Cake: Grab your favorite candy from the ’80s and make this fun candy cake for all your guest!

Poppin’ Cocktails: What is more 80’s than Poprock!? Check out this sweet Pop Rocks Cocktails that is perfect for you DIY 80’s party!

ET Costume: I mean talk about an 80’s classic. This ET party costume is the perfect outfit for your 80’s themed party!

Workout Barbie: What is a classic 80’s party without a little neon workout gear?

Aren’t these DIY 80’s party decorations, treats, and costumes perfect for your next celebration? They are guaranteed to have everyone enjoying your party. For more fun, check out these fun adult party games for your next adult bash or these kids party games for your next birthday party!

80’s Party Theme

The Breakfast Club: Breakfast Club is one of my all-time favorite movies! Rock that teenage 80s love with these amazing 80’s costumes! Plus how fun would it be to serve a fun breakfast bar for all your guest?!

Back to the Future: Grab your leather jacket and coolest shades and host a Marty McFly party no one could forget! I

16 Candles: Grab all your gal pals and make it a fun girls night out with this 80’s party decoration theme! I love the idea of making this 16 Candles party an all-girl bash. Bring out the spa nights, and treat your self for a fun 80s bash!

Ghost Busters: YES! This is one of my favorite party themes! Check out this totally amazing party decor and customers! It’s everything you could ever want!

Best 80’s Games: Throw a crazy 80’s game themed party. Include classics like Pac Man, Rubrics Cube, Mouse Trap, or escape Atlantas! These classic games are great to host a whole themed party, or play at your next 80’s bash!

Pac Man: I LOVE this classic game, and here is a WHOLE party themed around those chomping monsters. I love these DIY 80s party decorations!

80s DIY Props

Cassette Tape Centerpieces: These are such a perfect DIY 80’s party decoration! They make PERFECT centerpieces!

Polaroid Camera: While everyone is posting in front of your splatter paint photo booth, really get into the ’80s with your very own Polaroid Camera! 

Rock On: Ready to rock? These KISS 80’s party decoration props are perfect for you rock n’ roll bash! I love this 80’s theme!

Giant Cassette Tap: This giant cassette tape is a total show stopper! It would be perfect for the entry to any 80’s party and a great place to take photos!

DJ Booth: Every party needs a good DJ booth and this giant radio booth is the perfect prop for any 80’s party!

So grab your high waisted jeans, neon bodysuits, throw that hair is a high side pony and let’s party! These fun and colorful 80’s party decorations make for the best 80’s bash anyone has seen in decades!

What is your favorite 80’s theme? Let us know!

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