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diy animal scarfs


DIY Animal Scarfs

It seems the costume options for little ones are endless this year. If you are still looking for a quick idea, these animal scarfs are so a fun option. They have the head of an animal at one end and the backside at the other. Cheeky!

Pulled together with a simple mask, they’d be an easy Halloween stand-in. As a bonus, they can be worn with regular clothes for the rest of the season. The scarfs are made using stuffed animals cut in half! Such a genius solution to that overflowing pile at the end of their bed.

You can make the animal scarfs with a pre-made scarf, or make your own scarf with a length of fleece or animal fur. If you don’t have kids, they’d be awesome homemade Christmas present for the little ones on your list.

DIY animal scarfs out of stuffed animals

DIY animal scarfs for kids

To create the look of these scarfs, cut a stuffed animal in half and remove stuffing from body. Leave the stuffing in the head/tail and limbs. Fold over raw edges of each piece of the stuffed animal and baste (long, straight stitch) on the sewing machine.

Optional: for a hand made scarf – cut two 8”x40” of your fabric or fur and sew along the sides with right sides facing. Turn right-sides-out. Tuck each end of the scarf inside one half of the stuffed animal and machine or hand stitch closed.

DIY animal scarfs

Project design and photography by Disney, from Ruffles and Stuff for A Subtle Revelry.


  • Veronica Franco
    October 28, 2013 at 1:17 pm

    Oh how I wish I lived in a colder climate so I could make these for my 3-year-old! Cutest thing ever!

  • Louise
    October 31, 2013 at 10:25 am

    Sincere congrats for this astoundingly fabulous idea. How adorable! Will I make/wear these? Absolutely. And I am nearly 59 years old. It IS just a number, Ladies :)

    Great job.

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