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DIY Bouquet Holder With Printable

Inside: The sweetest printable DIY bouquet holders. 

With Valentines Day upon us, spring right around the corner, and then Mothers Day. Well, I see a lot of flowers in all of our futures. Usually, store-bought flowers come in that ugly, clear, cellophane wrapping. By simply discarding that not so eye pleasing plastic, and adding this super cute (FREE!) DIY bouquet holders.

You can take store-bought flowers from nay to yay!

I guarantee whoever the lucky gal or fella receiving your flowers, will definitely notice the extra thought put into their bouquet with this added printable wrapper.

diy bouquet holders

Since I’m a HUGE fan of color, I included lots of bright hues into my pattern to match any bouquet color palette you buy. Plus, since spring is fast approaching, beautiful blooms will soon be popping up everywhere. Take a walk through your yard, or a find a patch of wildflowers in the mountains, then wrap your freshly picked blossoms in this simple spring inspired DIY bouquet holders, gifting a bouquet of flowers you picked yourself.

My favorite flower gift ideas

A few favorite flower gifts to give this time of year:

printable bouquet wrapper

How to make these sweet DIY bouquet holders

Free Printable DIY Bouquet Holder Supplies:

DIY bouqet

Step One: Download the FREE, PDF paper bouquet holder template.

Set your printer settings to no margins, so that your bouquet wrapper doesn’t print with a white wrapper around the edge of the design. If your printer doesn’t have that setting, it should only print with about an eighth of an inch border, which can easily be trimmed with scissors or a paper cutter.

flower bouquetStep Two: Remove the cellophane wrapping from your store-bought bouquet, or gather your freshly picked blossoms, and wrap the bouquet with the DIY bouquet holders, securing with tape.

I found forming the cone BEFORE you wrapped it around the flowers was A LOT easier than forming the cone around the flowers first. So I suggest making the cone, securing the edge with tape, and then placing the blooms inside the cone last.

printable flower bouquet holder

My favorite bouquet trick

Optional If you aren’t gifting your DIY bouquet holders and flowers right away, wrap the bottom of the bouquet in wet paper towels, and putting the end of the stems with the dampened towels, into a zip lock bag. This will preserve your flowers until you are able to gift them.

printable bouquet holder

Speaking of the perfect DIY bouquets…

We have a few more stunning DIY bouquets for this Valentine’s day! First up, the perfect bouquet for the man in your life. It may not be pretty but its beefy, and what man doesn’t love beef? Or if you’re like me and love flowers, but also love cupcakes, this cupcake flower bouquet is the one for you! And last, if you want to give the pretty bouquet that will never die. These paper flowers are the best flower bouquet DIY!

(Photos @ASubtleRevelry created for us by Brie Zacher).

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