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DIY Cake Box So You Don’t Ruin The Frosting

Transporting cakes to all the summer fun events can sometimes feel a little topsy, especially when they’re in the car. Have you ever tried to balance a cake on a cake stand while braking?? It’s a little messy. ;) Instead of juggling all that take a cue from our printable pie box and make a DIY cake box with our new DIY template! It comes together easy with poster paper and will keep all that frosting in one place until you get to the party.

DIY cake box with template

DIY cake boxes

Make the DIY cake boxes extra easy to carry by tying a large ribbon around multiple ones to act as a carrier… this is helpful in the event you are bringing more than one cake. Which of course you are! Because, why the heck not?

DIY Cake Box

To make the DIY cake box you will need:

How to make a diy cake box

1. To create the DIY cake box template: using a long ruler, draw a line 2.5″ from the bottom of the long length of poster board. Repeat at the top of the length of poster board. Fold along these two lines.

2. Cut along the ends of each line 5″. Fold the 4 tabs and tape together. You should have what looks like a box but with two squat ends sticking out.

3. With each end, fold up along the box, down toward the inside of the box, and then flat along the box. Tape in place and now you have half a DIY cake box. Whoohoo!

diy cake box step by step
4. Repeat for other side of each cake box.

DIY cake boxes
5. Now to take this plain DIY cake box and make it a little fun – using the Cricut cut out fun cake quotes. If you don’t have a Cricut you can trace and cut out the letters yourself or use the link in materials to grab small white sticker letters for this part.

6. Stick the vinyl sayings on top of each DIY cake box.

And now for a summer of filling these fun DIY cake boxes and rocking every BBQ you’ve been invited to, here are a couple of my favorite cake recipes: Palm springs vibes pineapple coconut cake, Unicorn cakes in 5 easy steps, animal cookie cake, peanut butter and jelly cake (HA!) and a smores cake for kicking summer off with the best kind of revelry.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah Photo).

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