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DIY Cleaning Basket For Everything Life Throws At You

This post has been sponsored by Clorox®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

As a mom & a blogger, I have to be ready for any kind of crazy mess no matter what day it is! Some days are filled with kid craft parties and glitter everywhere; other days are filled with floral clad bathtubs for the cutest dog photos around (those are obviously my favorite kind of day). ;)

No matter what is thrown at me though, I’ve learned the secret to a great day is the ability to quickly clean up and get on to the next thing.

To do this, we created a DIY cleaning basket that comes with us as we bop between all these roles throughout the day. Because who wants to be busy searching for cleaning supplies when you could be taking more puppy photos instead?

We grabbed our go-to cleaning supplies, including Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes at Walmart, and created this quick basket that will clean anything in your house in no time.

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DIY Cleaning Basket

To make the DIY cleaning bucket, we used a cuuutee basket that looks as great out on the table as it would in a closet and filled it with our go-to supplies for everyday and crazy day messes.

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are our obvious first choice for any DIY cleaning basket. The wipes are the perfect take-and-go-anywhere supply and work just as great for wiping down a post puppy bathtub as they do for cleaning up our latest glitter mess in the kitchen. Which means, more time for fun projects and puppy photos for us.

The trick to creating a basket you can really move with is getting one that is small enough to easily be carried and stored but big enough to fit a few important supplies. Pink gloves finish the supply list off just right to ensure you can clean any mess, anywhere.

Grab your own collection of take-and-go cleaning supplies to make a quick box that will clean anything and be easy to take anywhere in the house. You can find all these supplies at Walmart; look for them in the cleaning aisle.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Alyssa Lynne Photography).

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