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DIY confetti system

The sparkly and metallic confetti system made a fabulous impact this year, even taking over J.Crew’s winter window display. Loving how pretty they looked hanging in the windows, I imagine them to be the perfect dose of shimmer at an upcoming celebration!

I created this DIY version of the gorgeous hanging confetti streamers for Project Wedding in hopes everyone could share in a small glimpse of the now famous sparkle. The project uses left over wrapping paper and a few simple steps. See the entire tutorial here.

Imagine rows of these bursting forth at a late spring garden party, or backing a double sided dessert table in the center of a room. Stunning… how would you dream them?!?

Photography by Carly Taylor.



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  1. Hi Victoria,

    I can’t imagine any party where these would look out of place! Thanks for the tutorial. I am going to have a proper look on the weekend as I have a couple of birthdays coming up! Are you going to be using them this year?

    Talk soon, Stephie x

  2. Radish, yes I do think they would be perfect for a 70th birthday- what an exciting event to plan!

    Stephie I have a perfect little spot of them coming up in a spring shoot I am planning- although I am becoming partial to feathers as well so we will see which pretty will win:)

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