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17 DIY Couples Costumes Your Mom Would Be Proud Of

Grab your boo and gear up for a Halloween celebration to remember! Whether you think crafting is more trick than treat, or you couldn’t think of any other way you’d like to spend your time this Halloween season, we’ve got a fun list of DIY Couples Costumes that your momma would be proud of. ;)

17 DIY couples costumes that your mom would be proud of!Remember the days of mom at the sewing machine crafting your costume for a week!? Well, these ideas are not that type of Halloween. From 10 minutes – to all day, whatever time frame you have, you can make an award worthy costume in no time.

From last minute costumes you can whip up from things you probably already have at home to those that’ll take some extra TLC, this list has some great ideas for dressing up with your special someBOOdy!

Ideas for last minute DIY couple costumes

Whipping up a last minute couples costume is easier than you may think. No one has all day! Focusing on fun props and T-shirt designs which take about 20 minutes to create lends to a host of super creative costumes that will connect you as a couple instantly.

Last minute DIY couples costume

Snapchat Filter: Bring everybody’s favorite Snapchat filter to life with this adorable costume. All you need to get started are a couple headbands, paint sticks, and this free printable template. You can pick any of the filters to make your own DIY couples costume the best we did the iconic snapchat flower filter costume and it was a huge hit!

DIY last minute halloween costumes for couples

Salt & Pepper: It doesn’t get much simpler than this…a couple black & white t-shirts, some block letters, and you’ll be ready to spice up the party or shake up some fun trick-or-treating with the kids!

DIY Best friends costumes

Dancing Emoji: Besides dressing up with your SO, it’s also so much fun to twin with your BFF! This Dancing Emoji costume couldn’t be cuter and just uses some basic blacks that every girl’s gotta have in her closet anyway. Grab your closest gal pal and create this cute emoji costume in 10 minutes or less!

Funny couples costumes

Bandits: My hubby & I tend to wear a lot of stripes, so this DIY couples costume would be simple for us to create at the last minute. I think it’d even be cute with colored stripes too! I mean, you know I’m all for a pop of color. Add a money bag, and the only thing missing is a bank to rob ;)

DIY famous couples costumes

Jim & Pam: I’m just going to assume here that everyone knows who Jim & Pam are, but if you don’t…their only TV’s cutest and quirkiest couple ever! Office fans will be ooing and ahhing over this funny couples costume choice…and for those that aren’t in the loop, you’ll still pass off as business people (or just look like you came straight from work).

Creative DIY couples costumes

Hot Sauce: All you need to make this spicy set of DIY couples costumes are a couple of bright orange or red t-shirts and your favorite silly pick-up lines. Label the shirts with “hot,” “fire,” or however you’d like to say saucy + the pick-up lines and you’re sure to bring the heat to Halloween.

Funny DUY couples costumes

Tacky Tourists: Everyone’s got some tacky things in their closet, you just might not realize it. Which is why I’m here to help you realize your full nerdy potential! So dig out the 80s fanny pack you just can’t seem to part with, your mom’s old neon visor you’ve never actually worn, and your favorite sandal & sock combo for a tacky tourist look that can’t be beat. Bonus points for a Hawaiian shirt, zinc lathered nose, or camcorder.

DIY couples costumes you can make in 2-4 hours.

For those who have a little more time and energy to invest in your homemade couples costumes this year, here are a number of costumes that can be made pretty easily in a Saturday. The creativity of the Halloween costumes and the easiness of crafting may even win you the cutest couple costume award.

Homemade Cactus couple custume

Cactus: “Prick” your favorite person of all to dress up as cacti together! These costumes are so adorable and only require a few things. Using hot glue to attach pipe cleaners to green sweatshirts, you’ll create your own stickers for a sharp look. Add a couple flowers, and a stylish headband, and you’ll be looking succulent in no time.

DIY ice cream couples costume

Milkshake & Soda Jerk: Chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry? The real question is do you want to wear a brown, white, or pink dress? For me, the answer is always pink! Make the sweetest topper with white cotton batting whipped cream and a red balloon cherry. Put your guy in all white. Then, add a red apron, red bowtie, and a paper hat.

Optional addition: a real milkshake for him to hang onto while complying to your DIY couple costumes ideas… but let’s be honest, it won’t last long!

Netflix and chill DIY halloween custume

Netflix & Chill: I know there are a couple different ways to interpret this trendy phrase…I’m all about the watching TV in your comfy sweats variety ;) Either way, these DIY couples costumes are so easy to throw together with red and white t-shirts and some iron-on transfer paper.

DIY couples costumes ideas

Magician & White Rabbit: Creating this homemade costume will be your best trick yet! Like some of the others in this post, it all starts with a dress…in this case a really pretty white one. Add friendly and fuzzy touches with white faux fur trim and some bunny ears. For your magic man, start with some black slacks and a matching vest. Then, add a top hat, magic wand, and a cape. Fresh roses are a fun final touch, especially if you get to vase and keep them at the end of the night!

tooth fairy and dentist DIY Halloween costumes

Tooth Fairy & Dentist: A favorite duo, the tooth fairy & dentist costume comes together with a touch of glitter and two sparkly smiles :) If you’re not in the medical field, you’ll probably have to run out to pick up a pair of scrubs. This is the main reason why the costume might take a couple hours; otherwise, it comes together in a flash! For her, a glittery outfit, matching ‘do, and fairy wand + crown will complete the look.

Homemade couples costumes you can make in a day

And now for those of you that don’t mind spending an entire day crafting and fully expect to win the best costume award! These DIY costumes are 100 percent worth the effort.

DIY couples costumes for the party

Piñata & Birthday Boy: Everyone loves a good party, and this piñata & birthday boy costume will definitely be a fan favorite! The birthday boy part won’t take you very long. He just needs a bright t-shirt, a bat, and some birthday accessories like a pin, hat, and balloon.

The piñata part is where the work comes in, but don’t worry it’s all fun here!

With some multi-colored felt, a full outfit to fringe, and some googly eyes, you’ll be looking like the perfect little piata just in time for the big celebration.

Creative couples Halloween costumes

Curious George & the Man in the Yellow Hat: This one’s a children’s favorite but a classic that all ages will recognize. Curious George is the easier half, combining a brown outfit with some monkey ears and tail. The Man in the Yellow Hat costume can definitely be purchased, but I think it’d be more fun to DIY it!

Any book will bring inspiration for your own DIY couple costumes. For this one start with a white button up and white pants + a bottle of fabric dye in bright yellow. Follow the instructions on the bottle to make sure your DIY halloween costume is just the right hue.

Add an oversized felt tie with black polka dots, tall black boots, and a bright yellow top hat (you can cover a black one in yellow felt). George & his best pal are now ready for some fun!

couples costume ideas with animals

Safari Guides: Get ready for an adventure you won’t soon forget! To make Safari Guide DIY couples costumes, you’ll have to do some real exploration. Your mission is to find hats, binoculars, combat boots, leather belts, olive/khaki clothing, and guide books for an authentic look.

I’d recommend starting at a thrift store and then heading over to an antique store from some of the accessories. You can always order hard-to-find objects online, but there’s a thrill in making everything come together all on your own hunt!

DIY Disney couples costumes

Beauty & the Beast: What girl wouldn’t want to dress up as a princess for a day? It’s going to be harder to convince your guy to dress as a Beast, but I’m sure he’d do it to make you feel beautiful, right? And Disney DIY couples costumes are always going to be the sweetest options in the room.

Disney couple costumes are always a great idea!

If you don’t already have a yellow ball gown (I’ve actually got a few…kidding, of course), you’ll need to make one up yourself! You can either start with a simple yellow dress and doll it up with some sequins and ruffles. Or, you can start with a white one and dye it yellow first.

Yellow heels are a must, although you could probably spray white ones to match. If you’re a blonde or red head, you’ll want to temporarily dye your hair brown to match Belle’s signature color.

If your guy doesn’t want to don a full-blown beast suit, you’re in luck! This costume is super classy with a gold-trimmed navy suit, and friendly fuzzy hat. I think even Walt Disney will be pleased with the final turnout!

The BEST Halloween costumes for couples!

Rainbow & Pot of Gold: Ok guys, I don’t really know what could be more fun than a rainbow suit, but if you think of something, let me know ;) But he can’t have all the fun with this costume…I mean a pot of gold is really the best surprise at the end of the rainbow!

You’ll have to glue lots of tiny gold pieces onto a gold t-shirt. I think it’d look great with some glitter too for extra shine.

Then to find a “pot”…an inflatable cauldron will probably have to be ordered, unless you really want to craft one up yourself, which is actually doable with a large flower pot. You just really have to look for the right shape. A rainbow wig is a must; you can order or DIY.

How to dress up your guy

Then to have some fun with gold glitter makeup and a face paint for your guy. This costume is just so happy, bright, and colorful. You’ll draw all the attention on Halloween night!

Ok friends, it’s time for you to pick out your favorite of these DIY couples costumes and start your custom creations! I love that there are so many fun ideas out there so each year is unique. And I’m pretty sure with these costumes, there won’t even be a contest for best dressed!

(Top photo by BONNINSTUDIO / Stocksy United, all others linked in article).

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