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DIY Dog Collars Your Pup Will Love

Inside: DIY Dog Collars Your Pup Will Love

I have never met a dog I didn’t like, true story. They say a dog is mans best friend and boy they weren’t lying. My pups are some of the biggest joys in my life, they motivate me to go on walks, they bring me happiness on sad days, and they are the best cuddle buddies in the world. If you can’t tell, I really love my dogs. That is why I thought it would be the perfect little gift to my four-legged friend to make them some super cute and totally stylish DIY Dog Collars!

DIY Dog Collars

How to Make DIY Dog Collars

These DIY dog collars are totally simple and so much fun! I love a good, easy, simple, and cute DIY and I feel like I checked all the boxes with this one!

Dog Collars DIY

Here are the few supplies you will need to make these DIY Dog Collars!

DIY Dog Collar Supplies

Supplies for DIY Dog Collar

Cute Dog Collars

Instructions for DIY Dog Collar

  1. First, you will want to adjust your dog collar to fit your pup perfectly.
  2. Next cut you velvet ribbon to the length of the collar, allowing a little overlap!
  3. Place your iron-on letters where you want them to stick.
  4. Use the iron to adhere the letters
  5. Then attach velvet ribbon to dog collar with hot glue.
  6. Place on pup and enjoy!
How to Make DIY Dog Collars

Tips for Making DIY Dog Collars

These DIY Dog Collars are so easy, but I found a few helpful tips as I was making them that will make it so much easier!

We also collaborated with Drea over at Clueless Mama DIY. Check out her video showing you how to make these dog collars.
Colorful Dog Collars
  1. Make sure you adjust the collar to your dog before you glue any ribbon on. This is so important to make sure it fits your pup perfectly into their DIY Dog Collar!
  2. When you are adding the velvet ribbon onto the dog collar make sure to loop it under the hardware so that you can still attach your leash!
  3. Make sure to use enough hot glue on the edges of the ribbon so that there is no fraying or tearing!
Puppy Name Ideas

More Fun DIY Ideas for Your Dog

Now that your pooch is styling in their DIY Dog Collar, spoil them with a few more fun DIYs!

  • Creative Dog Birthday Party Ideas – Celebrating our sweet pups birthday is high on our list. Not only is it nice to remember their special birthday, but also the kids just LOVE celebrating their animals. They might have enjoyed throwing our dog a birthday even more than planning their own! Here are 28 creative ideas for throwing a dog birthday party that will inspire your own puppy loving fun.
  • Yummy Doggy Cake – We made a dog birthday cake for the event with really fun dog treat birthday candles to top the cake. Perfect for celebrating our favorite pup around! These doggie bone treat candles make me just giddy. I mean a birthday cake for dogs! How could you go wrong with that?
  • Doggy Pinata Costume – The best duo I could think of is my loyal furry friend, so we came up with the perfect ones, these cute DIY Piñata costumes!
Cute Puppy Ideas

If you aren’t done spoiling your pup just yet, check out these awesome dog boxes from CrateJoy for more treats! We hope you and your furry friend enjoy these cute DIY Dog Collars! Let us know in the comments your pet’s name!

(Photos @ASubtleRevelry created for us by Whitney Gray).

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