Working from home is great for so many reasons, but the biggest fault I have with it is the inability to ever “turn off.” To just shut down, rest, and get quality “me time” can be challenging when there’s always a pile of emails to tackle.

To combat this I’ve started taking little moments to create just for myself and to enjoy something sweet without feeling overwhelmed by all the things. Creating just for the fun of it can also get lost in the midst of a business like this and one of my goals this year was to bring crafting just for the sake of crafting back to life.

I’m so excited to say it’s been working! I’ve really started to look forward to my “me time” crafting space. Godiva offered to partner with us on this month’s crafting indulgence time and I’m excited to share about the fun little project I created and the sweet moment I enjoyed with a little chocolate at hand and my trusty glue gun by my side.

There’s not much better than fluffy fur sandals and really great chocolate to grant my wish of rest any day.

How do you feel about the new fur sandal trend? When I first saw it on our very hip nanny I thought, how strange. But it has definitely grown on me over the months and now they are all I want to wear! The fur sandals are cozy, but easy, and so great for hanging around the house.

DIY Fur Sandals

To make the fluffy DIY fur sandals you will need:

  • 1 pair of sandals, just grab any pair from your closet
  • A glue gun
  • Fur in fun colors
  • Our favorite Godiva chocolate bites to enjoy while we craft

To make the sandals, you’ll just cut the fur to size and glue to the sandals with your glue gun. That’s it!

One of the things I’ve learned about “me time” crafting is that it needs to be a project that doesn’t require too much thinking or a project that is too intense. Something as easy as cut and glue for a fun result is exactly the type of relaxation crafting I get excited about.

Once our slippers are done, indulging in a little rest and sweet treats finishes off the time just right.

If I’m going to take time to rest I want it to be worth it. The simple indulgence of really great chocolate like Godiva Masterpieces leaves me feeling completely satisfied and ready to tackle the next work or home project on hand.

How do you recharge? If it’s not with an easy craft and great chocolate may I suggest that as a great option? Whenever you can throw rainbow fur into the equation – that is even better!