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DIY Faux Fireplace – Make In 1 Hour

Creating a DIY faux fireplace at home will instantly take a room from bland to cozy and ready for all the seasonal fun coming your way. Creating this DIY faux fireplace ideas is way easier than you even imagine. With a simple electric fireplace box and a couple of supplies, you can create this custom cozy seating area at home to keep everyone toasty through the winter.

DIY faux fireplaceDIY faux fireplace ideas

Here are a few more DIY home decor ideas

I love home improvement projects, but they can get costly. That is why I try to do DIY projects whenever I can. Here are a few of my favorite DIY home improvement ideas!

DIY fireplace

One of the trials of renting is feeling like your house doesn’t measure up to what you’d like it to architecturally. Not having a fireplace or mantel this time of year can be a huge bummer if you’d like one. Until now! Make this DIY faux fireplace for your winter month coziness and pack it up right along with you at moving time next year.

Make your own fireplace

DIY Faux Fireplace

Make this movable DIY faux fireplace by using:

  • Firewood
  • An electric fireplace
  • 1 3 x 5 sheet of 1/2 inch Hardieboard
  • 6 concrete screws
  • You will also need a utility knife, a drill, measuring tape, and a straight edge to put it together.

My DIY faux fireplace idea does emit very low levels of heat, but some do not.  To protect the fireplace and the wood from any heat, create a box around the fireplace with the hardieboard first. It is flame retardant.

Typically you cut the hardieboard with a circular saw and a masonry blade, but in an effort to keep it simple, you can cut yours by scoring it with a utility knife. It is a little more time consuming, but easier nonetheless. Cut three pieces of the boards and screw them together with concrete screws.

Then simply stack all the wood around the fireplace. Hang a shelf above for a mantel to fill with holiday decor.

This DIY faux fireplace will bring warmth to your space all season long.

Project by Kelly Edwards for A Subtle Revelry Styled. the art of Autumn merry making



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  1. Cool idea. Have you considered adding a wooden base? This would bring everything off the carpet and add an extra level of detail to your design. It could be as simple as using a 2×4 and a piece of MDF. Then add a baseboard or trim to cover up the edges.

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