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diy neon glow signs

Neon lights have become quite the trend lately. I love the look of them so much, but like most people, could never afford to have one for a party or event. They carry quite the price tag – unless of course I could make it at home!

This version is made out of glow sticks and hot glue – which means it will only last a night or so. It is not a permanent DIY solution – but instead, it’s a temporary instillation that will make any birthday guy or gal glow with excitement. Collect all the glow sticks you need (dollar stores are filled with packs of twenty), find a sturdy wooden backdrop, and wait until just before the party to put your personalized neon glow sign together.

To make the DIY neon glow signs, lay out the glow sticks in the pattern you’d like before starting and mark and spaces you need. We marked the top and bottoms of every letter to act as a guide.

Then begin cracking the glow sticks and shake each one for a full lighted effect. With the hot glue gun ready begin laying out the glow stick in correct formation to create the birthday signs, numbers, and effects that you’d like.

The sticks will bend with ease for curvy letters and can be glued into any formation you want. Such a fun project for parties now that that nights are getting longer.

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