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Disco Ball DIY New Years Wreath For Under $5

DIY Disco Ball New Years Wreath. This year I’m incorporating disco balls into my Christmas decor, because they head seamlessly right into New Years! To make a wreath this late in the season you midaswell make it snazzy.

Disco Ball New Years WreathWhat I love most about this wreath, besides that it’s GORG, is that it looks expensive. But guess what? It wasn’t! As I’ll discuss below, I got ALL my supplies from the dollar store. Which makes this wreath crazy cheap.

And while you’re picking up all those disco balls from the store, why not make a disco ball headband for NYE or paint them to liven up any space for an epic New Years party.

DIY New Years WreathHonestly, this project turned out better than I had planned, and I can’t wait any longer to share with ya’ll, all the sparkly details.

If you’ve not gotten around to adorning your door yet, this is a great project to tackle. And if you have a live evergreen wreath that will need to be replaced, this New Years wreath a fun way to up your front door game before the New Years holiday.

Disco Ball Wreath for New Years

Disco Ball DIY New Years Wreath

To make the disco ball New Years wreath you will need:

  • Styrofoam wreath form
  • Silver tinsel garland
  • Stapler
  • Disco Balls (1 and 2 Inch)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Twine

* Disco balls must be a hot decor item this Christmas, because the dollar store Christmas section was full of them. You can get a pack of 6 for a buck, which made this wreath very inexpensive to make. Or order Prime via the link above. For reference, I used 12, 2 inch balls, and 20, 1 inch ball. In fact every supply we used can be found at the dollar story and allow our wreath to be made for under $5 if you plan it right!

Disco Ball New Years party decor

How to make a snazzy DIY New Years wreath with tinsel and disco balls

Step One: Push play on Elf. Obviously.

How to make a New Years wreath DIY instructions Step 1
Step Two: Start by wrapping a standard foam wreath with silver tinsel garland. I first stapled the garland to the foam wreath, then started wrapping, but a dab of hot glue would work as well.

This just helps the tinsel stay in place as you start to wrap your wreath.

Step by Step instructions for a New years wreath DII at homeStep Three: Using a hot glue gun, start attaching the disco balls to the wreath.

Now, I was going to buy wreath pins to hold the disco balls in place, but dabs of hot glue held the disco balls just fine. They actually are pretty darn stuck, because my daughter slammed the door twice today, and not a disco ball dropped.

Step Four: Using a piece of twine or rope, attach a loop around the wreath to hang.

VIOLA! A snazzy New years wreath doesn’t get easier to make than that.

And in case you missed it, I literally wrote the book on wreaths! You can find it right here if you’d like a few new wreath ideas for the new year.

Photos @A Subtle Revelry by Brie Zacher.

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