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The Perfect DIY Outdoor Reading Corner

This post on how to make a DIY outdoor reading corner is sponsored by Disney Book Group.

Now that summer is here, we are all feeling wild about reading and fun, but with the kids at home all day it can sometimes be hard to find a quiet corner. We were inspired to create this DIY outdoor reading corner which is the perfect little spot under the tree for our new favorite afternoon read.

DIY outdoor reading corner

DIY outdoor reading corner fit for the gods

One of my favorite things about this outdoor reading corner is that it is so easy to put up and take down for each season. All you need are a few simple accessories to create a cozy reading corner outside that looks fit for a Greek goddess (or a 10 year old girl lost in Greek fantasy).

When designing any space in our home, inside or out – I love finding ways to make them colorful, special and 100% practical for how our family lives day-to-day.

how to make a diy outdoor reading corner

How to set up an outdoor reading nook

There are 3 very important steps to making your reading corner the best!

  1. A Comfy Spot to Lounge: Besides a great book, having somewhere to sit comfortably is the most important part. We chose a fun inflatable chair and a chic hanging hammock for our DIY outdoor reading corner. What I love about using a fun inflatable chair is how easy it is to clean and that it stores up nicely during those colder seasons.

A hanging chair or hammock is another fun seating option. If your kiddos are wiggle worms like mine, then this gives them a chance to rock and move while still concentrating on their favorite book.

  1. Cozy Homey Accessories: I love adding cool accessories that bring that homey feel to the outdoors. A few of my favorites are a lantern, this also doubles as a great light for those late night reading sessions!

Another fun accessory is a side table that is perfect for their favorite snack, my kids love this confetti popcorn. Adding blankets, pillows or their favorite stuffed animal is just an extra something special that adds another comfy layer!

  1. The Perfect Book: My kids have already started our summer reading and as you know, they are obsessed with the Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series. We are currently reading book 2 in the series –The Sea of Monsters, which has my girlie’s full attention right now.

kids reading corner

Why we love our DIY outdoor reading corner

I love love love spending time outdoors during the warm months! Getting my kids out and soaking up the sun is a must! I have always enjoyed reading a great book outside on my patio, there is something so relaxing and calming about the sun hitting you and diving into a great book.

My kiddos have loved their DIY outdoor reading corner because they feel like they have their own little space to do one of their favorite things, which is read.

Now if you’re kiddo isn’t the biggest reading fan, I can promise you this DIY outdoor reading corner and the amazing Percy Jackson series combo will captivate their imagination and creativity. Read more about the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series right here.

kids outdoor reading corner

Our Favorite Summer Book Series

Obviously anything your kids read this summer will help them in the school year to come, but finding books they truly love and can get lost in can be so special to them. The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is perfect for my going-into-5th-grade-girl because it has everything she loves… a little drama, a fast moving plot line and a mysterious view into a world she knows is fantasy, but is so fun to read. If you’re looking for a summer book series, this is the one I’d easily recommend.

diy outdoor reading corner decorations

Happy summer reading! How do you encourage your family’s reading habits? I’d love to know.

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