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25 DIY Pallet Wood Projects You Can Make In An Hour

Inside: Some of the best DIY pallet wood projects!

I love these DIY pallet projects. It’s rustic, down-home, and super trendy right now. I’m going to predict that pallet projects are the next big thing for 2019…at least that’s the plan for our house! There are so many fun things you can do with them, and the greatest part is: they’re usually free!

Tons of stores, both big and small will have leftover pallets they don’t need; the same goes for distribution centers and retailers. Just make sure you ask before you take those hunky pallets of wood. ;)

DIY pallet wood projects

DIY Pallet Projects with step-by-step instructions:

Most any of the DIY pallet projects will start with some separating of the wood so that you have smaller pieces to work with. You can use a table saw, jigsaw, or hand saw. After that, you’ll definitely want to sand the individual pieces to avoid splinters! To assemble a project, I’ve found it works best to use wood glue, a nail gun, and wood screws, usually some combination of the three depending on how strong and sturdy it needs to be.

DIY pallet projects

Pallet Projects for the Home

Pallet Headboard with Lights

This DIY pallet wood projects literally couldn’t be easier. Find a pallet that’s in decent condition; you’re not going to be doing much work to it, so you want to make sure it’s fairly clean and doesn’t have any major dents, dings, or warps in the wood. Sand and stain it to your liking. Then, attach it to the wall behind the bed, using wood screws that’ll go into the studs that you found using your handy dandy stud locator! Make sure you line it up so that the base of the pallet skims the top of the mattress. Add some strands of string lights and you’ve just added a dreamy look to your bedroom in a few simple steps.

pallet wood projectsThree Pallet Playhouse

I love that the kids are included in this DIY pallet projects event! A pallet playhouse is such a cool “just because” gift for indoor or outdoor fun. All you need is 3 pallets, L-brackets for the base and side intersections, screws for both the sides and base and a good dose of imagination. You could also add fabric, lights, ropes, or lanterns for a whimsical vibe.

diy wood projectsPallet Wood Crate Shelf

To make this adorable crate shelf, perfect for storing living room decor, you’ll want to assemble pieces of pallet wood into square-shaped crates. Use glue, nails, and/or screws to make boxes. Paint the crates, leave them natural, or pick which looks best goes with the room you’re creating the shelf for. I personally love a combo of painted and natural wood. You can even attach each individual crate to one another so that the entire piece is one unit. Then, fill it up with your favorite little treasures and knick-knacks!

pallet projects

The perfect pallet wood accessories

Three Pallet Cake Stand

So easy and yet so cute! Separate out some good quality wood from a pallet. Paint 3 pieces each a different color and glue together in a stack. Use clamps or heavy books to add extra weight while the glue dries. Once dry, screw some basic hardware wheels in the base, one per corner. Serve up a pretty cake on top and slide it on over around the table to share with friends!

pallet wood home projectsCouch & Coffee Table

A DIY pallet projects like this couch & coffee table make the perfect pair for a trendy up-cycled living room. For the couch, you’ll be attaching a pallet to the wall just like with the headboard above. Then, you’ll stack a couple pallets on top of one another for the base of the couch, making sure they meet the base of the couch’s back that’s attached to the wall. Secure all of the pieces together with wood screws, of course. Then, find some adorable couch cushions to pull the look together. And add some much-needed comfort ;)

For the coffee table, you’re going to attach two basic pallets to some wheels that swivel for style + portability. Sand and stain the pallets then paint them if you’d like. Glue the pallets together with wood glue. Clamp them together while they dry so that everything stays in place. Then you’ll attach caster wheels to the pallets using a drill…and look like a boss doing it.

DIY pallet woodDIY Pallet projects hanging planter

To make this sweet lil’ hanging planter, you’ll need to disassemble a pallet. Pick out the prettiest pieces of wood to use and then cut to size with a saw. I’d recommend doing a planter that’s about 12″L x 6″H x 3″D. You’ll basically be creating two rectangles, with one piece of wood missing from each face so that the plants have room to grow and show in the front. It’s best to use wood glue to attach the pieces of in stacks for each face and then to use nails to attach each face to one another to form a rectangular box. In between the boxes and on top of the highest one you’ll need to attach some chain links so that they can hang. Screw-in hooks work best. Then, separate out the length of chain you want between the boxes and on the top, linking them into the hooks.

Easy Rustic Pallet Table

By far the easiest pallet DIY you’ll ever come across…stack some pallets on top of each other to table height. And done! It’s not meant to bear tons of weight but instead serves as a rustic table for a simple party spread. Probably not a kids party though since it’s lacking in durability and sturdiness ;)

A few more fun pallet wood projects to try this weekend:

Fire Pit Table: Great for gathering around for s’mores at in the backyard!

Pallet Garden: Easiest way to start a fresh garden right at home.

Shoe Rack: No more clutter by the front door with this DIY pallet projects shoe rack that’ll keep everyone organized.

Bookshelf: Love the way this looks in a study, office, or bedroom.

Towel Rack: Add some farmhouse vibes to the bathroom! Super cute.

Corner Shelf: A space saver that’s functional and fun to look at.

Pallet Walkway: Have an awesome backyard? Kick it up another notch with this neat little pathway made out of pallet wood.

Pallet Box Centerpiece: Decorative and unique way to display florals for a fresh table scape.

Rolling Cart: You can use this outside to house garden supplies or it’d also be perfect in the kitchen as a mobile storage rack.

DIY Outdoor Bar: On this summer’s project list for sure. Happy hour here I come!

Rustic Mason Jar Vases: A wall hanging with the vases built in.

Vertical Herb Garden: Growing your own herbs is super easy with this vertical garden DIY pallet projects.

Hanging Lounger: New nap-time spot is going down!

Vintage Hood Vent: Need a little kitchen renovation inspo? This vintage hood vent is one-of-a-kind.

Rustic Wood Storage Chest: This spacious piece can hold toys, blankets, books, and more.

Pallet Treehouse: Your kids will love you forever and ever if you build them one of these!

DIY Pallet Dog Bed: And so will Rover if he gets a brand new bed fit for a king ;)

Why I’m giving pallet projects all the love.

I don’t think I’ll ever look at a pallet the same way again after compiling this list of DIY Pallet Projects. There are so many possibilities I just can’t wait to create! Which one are you most excited to try your hand at? Spring is the perfect time to jump into something new and I can’t wait to see what you guys decide to make. If I missed a pallet project that you really like, will you let me know?  I am always looking for fresh ideas!

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