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Break into Spring with This DIY Piñata

Inside: Spring Break Pinata DIY sponsored by Kleenex® Brand. All opinions expressed are my own.

Spring break is here, and we’re looking forward to lots of extra time for crafting fun! Coming up with fun spring break ideas can be hard when you don’t have a huge vacation planned. But, I’ve found it can be equally fun to create our own break at home with easy and affordable crafting supplies, like our empty Kleenex® Brand tissue box and some confetti!

Spring break ideas in a piñata DIY

We always keep these Soothing Lotion tissues on-hand. Now, we’re reusing the box for a piñata DIY filled with everything you need for epic spring break fun!

Spring break ideas for kids at home

Fun Spring Break Ideas for Kids at Home

We filled our spring break piñata with so many delights that the kids will be glad we stayed home! We included cute new patches for creating new outfits, balloons and toys. Most importantly, we stuffed our piñata with little coupons for all the fun activities we have planned for the week ahead. Movie night, pedicures and family picnics take on a whole new appeal when they bust out of a piñata also filled with confetti!

DIY pinata from a tissue box

Start your spring break with a bang of ideas and fun! You know from all my love this past year how much we adore Kleenex® Brand wipes (especially for cleaning up glitter!), but you may not know that I reach for Kleenex® Brand Soothing Lotion Facial Tissue just as often. They’re super gentle on kid’s noses thanks to aloe and vitamin E. We have a box in every room of the house! And for a fun twist – we use the empty boxes to create crafts we all adore, like this bright, sunny piñata

DIY Spring Break Piñata

To make the piñata you will need:

  • 1 Empty Kleenex® Brand tissue box
  • Streamers in fun spring colors
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • A ribbon for hanging
  • And fun spring break activity “coupons” to stuff inside!

How to make a piñata from a Kleenex® Brand box

1. Once the Kleenex® Brand box is empty, it is ready to use! Start by cutting your streamers into the right length to go around the box. Play with colors here, really anything goes!

2. Once the streamers are cut, you will cut upwards to make small slits in each one (about 3/4 of the way through the streamer).

Spring break ideas DIY piñata from a tissue box

3. Starting at one side of the box, go around it and glue the streamers down as you move. Piñatas look best when you start at the bottom.

Piñata stuffed with spring break ideas

Stuff your spring break piñata with everything you need to have a vacation right at home. Fill it with fun ideas like the best spring crafts for kids.

Spring break piñata filled with fun kid ideas for staying home - staycation spring break ideas

Happy spring break crafting! What are your plans? Grab your box of Kleenex ® Brand right here to kick it off right with a confetti-filled bang.

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