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DIY Piñata Chips & Guacamole

Inside: DIY Pinata Chips & Guacamole

Good news! Guac isn’t extra with this festive DIY! These crisp piñata chips are perfect for your next fiesta, and with Cinco de Mayo just around the corner you can’t pass on them! I love how mini they are, which is perfect for making personalized DIY Pinatas for all your fiesta guests! See how we made them!

DIY Pinata

DIY Piñata Chips & Guacamole

I don’t know about you but ya girl can snack on some snappy tortilla chips and chunky guacamole. I mean this combo is truly one of my favorites. So when I was thinking about my Cinco de Mayo bash I knew these were a must!

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DIY Pinata Tortilla Chips

Here are a few Tips & Tricks

These DIY pinatas are pretty simple but I have a few tips and tricks to make them a little easier.

  1. I know you all have amazon boxes on your front porch weekly, they are perfect for making these DIY tortilla chip pinatas!
  2. Use a straight edge, exacto, and cutting mat for easy cutting!
  3. Cut a small hold in the back to fill with candy, just simply tape over the hole to keep all the goodies inside!
  4. Splatter paint to give your chip that fun tortilla look!
Fiesta Party

How to Make DIY Pinata Tortilla Chips

There are just a few supplies you will need to make these DIY Pinatas!

Fiesta Decorationa


DIY Pinata Supplies
Tortilla Chip Pinata


  1. First you want to cut out our DIY Pinata Tortilla Chip Template
  2. Use that template as a guide to cut your your tortilla chip pieces. Assemble the pieces using hot glue.
  3. Cut .5inch strips of crepe paper and use scissors to make slits about half way up the strip. This creates the fun fringy look!
  4. Use hot glue to attach strips in rows.
  5. Once dry, splatter paint to create that chippy look!

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How to Make a DIY Pinata
How to Make a Pinata

DIY Pinata

More of our Fiesta Favorites

These fun DIY pinatas are the first step in throwing a stellar fiesta! See more of our favorites!

  • Fiesta Balloons – To create a fun and special party look with very little planning these streamers hung Cinco de Mayo fiesta balloons are great. They can fill a room with vibrant color in no time and are crazy simple to put together, just add a little papel picado and your first summer party will be ready to roll – Mariachi band optional. 
  • Churro Donuts – Churro Donuts, enough said!!! No, but seriously, we took this favorite treat and made it into an even better treat. It’s like all your favorites in one place. Crispy cinnamon sugary outside with a soft pate a choux recipe inside and creamy vanilla whipped cream sandwiched in between. We originally wanted to fill the donuts with the whipped cream, but it was so much prettier to be able to see the bright colors we used and you get two donuts this way.
  • Fiesta Party Ideas -Hosting a fiesta is a great way to celebrate everything we have to cheer about in a bright, festive, and easy way. We are in the midst of planning one and here are a couple of the ideas I’m working on.

Make these DIY pinata tortilla chips for your next fiesta and have a blast!

(Photos and Video @ASubtleRevelry created for us by Whitney Gray)

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