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DIY tabletop bar

A couple weeks ago I found an old log holder left for trash. Immediately, I knew it needed a second life. Moments earlier I had been contemplating how to build a bar set-up in our small, kid crazed house. I love the gorgeous look of bar carts, but know that we don’t have the room for one, and that the twins would quickly knock it over. A tabletop bar, on the other hand, doesn’t take up any floor room and is high above the race track in our home. It is perfect.

To make the tabletop bar; first I cleaned and painted the log holder a deep pink. You can find them in abundance at thrift stores and yard sales, so keep your eyes open for one. I fitted a piece of wood for the bottom, covered it and screwed it in from the bottom along the long connecting strip.

Next, I attached two stretch ropes to the top. I used hot glue to do this and mine are hanging steadily a couple weeks later. To be extra safe you could also screw these into the inward facing sides. Hang your glasses from the top and place your bar necessities on the bottom for a pretty, modern bar that will leave your floor clear for pets, kids, or that clumsy friend.

PS. Cocktail and mocktail for spring winter.


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  1. ,,,well you’re a woman with a vision if i do say myself. i would have looked at that and said to self; “i don’t blame them for throwing that piece of s*&t out”, and then moved on. i like your idea, it works!,,,

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