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DIY To-Go Smoothie Cups

DIY Morning Smoothie Cups

Running out the door in the morning is much better with a pretty cup and healthy smoothie in hand. Between lunch packing, blogging and trying to make it to the gym, our mornings can easily be the busiest part of our day. As a family who wants to enjoy it all, but also wants to be healthy – smoothies we can whip up to go allow for mornings packed with fruit and protein. The kids are loving our newest “cutie” morning smoothie recipe made in partnership with OLLY and these fun to-go smoothie cups make everyone feel great. Here’s how to create both:

DIY To-Go Smoothie Cups

"cutie" morning smoothies

Cutie Morning Smoothies

To make our cutie morning smoothies you will need:

(Makes 2 smoothies)

DIY To-Go Smoothie Cups

Mix all ingredients in the blender and serve in custom cute smoothie glasses for a quick and healthy morning routine.

DIY To-Go Smoothie Cups

These custom to-go smoothie cups are an easy way to make smoothie time my favorite time. For whatever reason, the cuteness of the glass I’m drinking in can really inspire me to continue the healthy habit. These to-go cups are also an adorable way to serve smoothies at an upcoming play date or birthday party. Usable party favors are my favorite kind.

Custom To-Go Smoothie Cups

To make a week’s worth of these colorful custom smoothie cups you will need:

  • Small glasses with lids
  • 3-4 colors of nail polish for marbling
  • A baking tin
  • White Glass paint pen


DIY To-Go Smoothie Cups

1. Drip the nail polish colors into the baking tin color by color. Swirl if needed with a toothpick.

DIY To-Go Smoothie Cups

2. Dip the smoothie glass into the marbled paint and roll until covered. Allow the glass to fully dry.

DIY To-Go Smoothie Cups

3. Once dry, use the paint pen to create graphic designs, fun shapes, or even encouraging words for you busy, but healthy life.

DIY To-Go Smoothie Cups

Smoothie drinking is much more fun with gorgeous to-go cups standing at the ready. It’s also so much easier with a healthy protein powder that tastes great and keeps everyone moving all morning long. Try your hand at both and make the busy fall season the healthiest one yet! To encourage this healthy, have it all morning routine you can win $1000 worth of prizes from OLLY right here, and just for entering you get a $5 coupon for

Hop on over to claim your prize and cheers to a fall of busy, healthy, fun.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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