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DIY Valentines Decorations for your Home

Inside: The cutest DIY Valentines Decorations for home 

DIY Valentine’s decorations don’t have to be complicated! Creating your own Valentines decor can be done in a creative and fun way that doesn’t scream party store purchase. By using plants, wood, and a little craftiness along the way.

DIY Valentine Decorations that will make you love your house.

We created a fun greenery filled display for the pink mantel to celebrate this year’s upcoming Valentines Day, with lush potted plants (great inspiration right here) and 3 simple DIY projects. Here’s a quick video we on how to make your own DIY Valentines decorations happen at home.

DIY Valentines Decorations for you house

DIY Valentines Potted Plant Decorations

To create a display that is more creative than roses and equally as gorgeous we are obsessed with using greenery. Finding a basketful of unique green plants is really easy to do at your local Lowes and the added benefit is that potted plants never die! Gift a simple potted plant to any Valentine this year or create an entire array of DIY Valentines Decorations. By stacking and grouping these beauties together in colorful DIY Valentine’s pots.

Valentine Decorations with plants

To create the DIY Valentine decoration pots we used:


DIY Valentines Decorations Hearts

1. Start by spray painting the pots, any color will do, but I am obviously a fan of pink for Valentine’s day or really any day of the year!

2. While you are waiting for the spray paint to dry, trace a heart on the backside of the black contact paper.

3. Stick the heart on your pots and plant with a pretty plant. The great thing about this DIY Valentines decorations project is that you can easily remove the heart after the holiday and enjoy the plant’s love all year long.

DIY Valentines Mantel Decorations

DIY Valentines Candelabra Decoration

To create our DIY Valentines display at home we created a homemade wood beam candelabra. The DIY project is really easy to do. I created a DIY birthday candelabra a few years back and I wanted to form a similar idea using more large scale taper candles that would look great in a mantel. This DIY Valentine craft only took us about 10 minutes to craft and it turns the mantel from basic to flame filled and lovely for the holiday.

DIY Valentines Decorations For Home

To create the DIY wood beam candelabra you will need:

  • One piece of 2×4 as long as your mantel or table
  • Large wood screws
  • A drill (this one is my favorite to use)
  • A pretty selection of taper candles for display

1. Space out your drill holes along the candelabra, leaving room to place in the DIY potted plants from above or other DIY Valentines Decorations along the mantel space as well.

2. Drill each screw up from the bottom and into the wood, being sure to go through the wood beam so that it will lay flat on the mantel.

3. Once that is done, simple tape the taper candles and gently screw them down and into each screw one by one. This will hold them into place securely for lighting and enjoying this modern rustic Valentine display.

DIY Valentine Candelabra wood beam

Having a pink mantel doesn’t hurt

When it comes to Valentine decor, life is much easier with a pink mantle, (see how we made it right here) Pink fireplaces for life!

These simple projects and the gorgeous texture that the potted plants bring in are a fun way to instantly gussy up a space for the holiday without making it look overtly pink & cupid ridden. When I think about decorating for holidays lately – I am drawn to elements that will simply bring in the season. Like our painted heart potted plants above, while also allowing us to not just toss everything after the holiday. These plants will all find new life throughout our festive home as we remove the hearts and place them around the house this year.


DIY Valentines Creative Decorations

I also love shopping for the house to come up with our own take on DIY Valentine’s decorations. Adding in heart details, like the heart mirror that we normally have in the kid’s bathroom, into the display bring it to life and don’t require us to purchase decorations that will be tossed on Feb 15th.

PS. More DIY Valentines ideas, card ideas , and sweet treats right here.

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