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Homemade Valentine Decorations: 50+ Ideas for 2022

When it comes to expressing love, store-bought décor can’t hold a candle to DIY Valentine’s decorations. This makes Valentine’s day the perfect opportunity to put your crafting skills to the test.

Fortunately, we have some DIY Valentine’s Day decorations that are not only super simple but also easy on the pocket.

Searching for new ways to be romantic this Valentine’s Day? Our DIY Valentine décor ideas are destined to capture your heart!

DIY Valentine’s decor: Best of the Best Ideas

Here are some valentine decoration ideas for your loved ones who only deserve the best of the best.

1. Valentine’s Day Letterboards

What’s wrong with being a bit cheesy? Try our Valentine’s Day letterboard ideas to surprise your boo with corny quotes!

2. Outdoor Candlelight Décor

Check out these outdoor candlelight arrangement ideas to light up your valentine’s day.

3. Delicious Food Bouquet

Surprise your foodie partner with deliciously creative food bouquets made out of donuts or beef jerky.

4. Exciting Valentine’s Day Heart Pinata

This cute Valentine’s day pinata is the perfect activity to have some fun with your loved ones.

5. Beautiful Bouquet Holder

Take your regular old flowers from drab to fab with this super easy DIY bouquet holder.

6. Cute Dinner Plates

Add a stylish flair to your Valentine’s day dinner with some pink or red marble plates

7. Pretty Deco Mesh Wreath

Wreaths are a holiday staple and now you can create your own Valentine’s Day version by following this simple tutorial.

8. Rustic Floral Display

This rustic floral wall display will add a charming touch to your Valentine’s Day décor.

9. Printed Valentine’s Day Décor

From cute straws to yummy pop tarts, embellish your Valentine’s goodies with our adorable printable ideas.

10. Fun Balloon Surprise

This bouncy balloon surprise will surely add a pop of fun to your valentine’s day bash!

11. Lovely Hearts Napkin Backdrop

Give your loved ones a hearty surprise with this picture-perfect Valentine’s Day napkin backdrop.

12. Paper Heart Garland

There can never be enough hearts in your valentine’s day décor! This simple paper heart garland can spread some Valentine’s day cheer all year round.

13. Valentines Heart Ice Cubes

These red heart ice cubes add a whole lot of love to your Valentine’s day beverages.

14. Easy Breezy Flower Arrangement

Our handy flower arrangement ideas can help you create floral Valentine’s day decorations in no time.

15. Adorable Lovebug Balloon Display

Get playful with these adorable lovebug balloons to keep you company this Valentine’s day.

16. DIY Valentine’s Car Décor

Take your V-Day décor outdoors to give your partner a thoughtful Valentine’s car surprise.

17. Cozy Pompom Heart Wreath

This pompom heart wreath is giving us major cozy vibes. Just what we need for a relaxing Valentine’s day!

18. Minimalist Heart Display

Sometimes less is more. This graphic string heart display is ideal for a subtle yet lovable Valentine’s day look.

19. Valentines Day Tree

Transform your Christmas tree into a beautiful Valentine’s Day tree with some heart ornaments, DIY garlands, and more.

20. Wooden Palette Heart

Here’s a rustic wooden palette heart that’ll fit right in with your home décor for a low-key V-day celebration.

21. Rose Petal Art

Nothing says romantic like a trail of rose petals scattered around the house to convey a special message. Pair it up with a candlelit dinner for two!

22. Sweet Chocolate Planters

This Valentine’s day decoration features our two most favorite things – flowers and chocolates!

23. Valentine’s Day Special Napkins

These red heart napkins contain a special message to spread some love around the dinner table.

Best Low Budget Homemade Valentine Decorations

Unleash your creativity with our budget-friendly selection of homemade valentine decorations.

24. Glittery Heart Mason Jars

Glitter fanatics assemble! These glittery heart mason jars will add a much-needed shine to your V-Day display.

25. Rosy Valentine’s Wreath

We simply can’t get over how beautiful this rosy valentine’s wreath looks!

26. Tissue Paper Heart Suncatcher

Recycle some leftover boxes and tissue paper to make this eco-friendly Valentine’s day suncatcher.

27. Valentines Day Candy Tree

This gorgeous valentine’s candy tree will totally take your table set up to the next level.

28. Valentine’s Embroidery Hoops

These easy breezy Valentine’s hoop ideas only require your embroidery supplies and a whole lot of love.

29. Thoughtful Post-It Heart

Who knew post-its could double as Valentine’s Day décor? All this DIY takes is a few pink post-its and some lovey-dovey messages for your partner!

30. Valentine’s Day Gnomes

Are you ready to invite some gnomes to your Valentine’s Day décor? Learn how to make them here!

31. Cupid’s Arrows

Believe it or not, these cool cupid arrows are made out of only pencils and paper!

32. Washi Tape Wall Art

Running out of time to create Valentine décor? Try this super quick washi tape wall art masterpiece.

33. Easy Kiss Art Frame

Simply make a pattern with some lipstick stains and frame it up to create chic Valentine’s day wall art.

34. Faux Fur Heart Cushion

Snuggle up this Valentine’s day with a soft faux fur heart cushion by your side.

35. Heart Photo Holders

These simple heart photo holders are great for adding some personal touches to your Valentine’s day display.

36. Clever Puzzle Wreath

We love this puzzle wreath to pieces!

37. Finger-Painted Heart Rocks

Try out this adorable finger-painting craft that’ll rock your world.

Other Favorite Ideas

38. Romantic Valentine’s Day Tepee

Try out this stunning tepee set up to make your Valentine’s day picture perfect!

39. Special Tiered Tray Display

Spruce up your dining tables with these gorgeous tiered displays that’ll win hearts.

40. Pretty Hearts Flowerpots

To recreate this lovely flower pot decor, simply embellish a pot with some pretty hearts and leaves made out of felt or paper.

41. Candy Hearts Inspired Kitchen Décor

This whimsical candy hearts-inspired kitchen transformation has all our love!

42. Yarn Love Letters

Don’t know how to showcase your love? Just spell it out with these cute yarn letters!

43. Classy Valentine’s Day Sign

Make this minimalistic valentine’s day sign to help you spread some love all year round.

44. Handmade Love Note Pillows

Fill up your V-day bed set up with some cozy love notes for that special someone.

45. Valentine’s Day Kisses Countdown Board

Can’t wait for Valentine’s day? Here’s a board to count down to your favorite holiday with some sweet kisses along the way.

46. Easy Hearts On Canvas

Get artistic with these super simple but stunning heart art ideas.

47. Tissue Paper Rose Display

Skip the expensive fresh flowers this Valentine’s Day and make some tissue paper blooms instead!

48. Valentine’s Day Mantel Décor

Gather some mantle décor inspiration from this stunning Valentine’s day display.

49. Mirror Heart Décor

Let this clever DIY mirror décor reflect your love this Valentine’s day.

50. Unique Valentine Trail Sign

Is your beau bad at taking hints? This Valentine trail sign couldn’t be any more obvious!

51. Valentine’s Day Door Hanger

Knock, knock! Who’s there? It’s just us admiring this lovely Valentine’s day door hanger made with some red frames and fabric.

52. Beauty and the Beast Rose Centrepiece

Disney fans, it’s time to add a flair of magic to your dinner table with this gorgeous Beauty and the Beast Inspired centerpiece. All you need is a glass holder and a beautiful rose!

53. Rose Chandelier Décor

Hang some artificial flowers on your chandelier for an impressive hanging display perfect for the season of love.

54. 3D Hearts Wall Décor

We love how this 3D hearts wall décor pops out and makes an impact.

55. Futuristic Pixel Heart Wall

This cool pixelated heart made out of washi tape will definitely win over the gaming enthusiast in your life.

56. Valentine’s Day Tic Tac Toe

Challenge your loved ones to a game of Valentine’s day tic tac toe!

57. Valentine’s Candy Dispenser

This super cute and functional Valentine’s day candy dispenser will be a hit among kids and adults alike.

58. Special Treat Box

Spruce up your delicious valentine’s day treats with this versatile treat box!

59. Thumb Print Heart Magnets

Gift your friends and family these thoughtful thumbprint magnets that can easily be made along with the kids!

Inside: The cutest DIY Valentines Decorations for home 

DIY Valentine’s decorations don’t have to be complicated! Creating your own Valentines decor can be done in a creative and fun way that doesn’t scream party store purchase. By using plants, wood, and a little craftiness along the way.

DIY Valentine Decorations that will make you love your house.

We created a fun greenery-filled display for the pink mantel to celebrate this year’s upcoming Valentine’s Day, with lush potted plants (great inspiration right here) and 3 simple DIY projects. Here’s a quick video we on how to make your own DIY Valentine’s decorations happen at home.

DIY Valentines Decorations for you house

DIY Valentines Potted Plant Decorations

To create a display that is more creative than roses and equally as gorgeous we are obsessed with using greenery. Finding a basketful of unique green plants is really easy to do at your local Lowes and the added benefit is that potted plants never die! Gift a simple potted plant to any Valentine this year or create an entire array of DIY Valentines Decorations. By stacking and grouping these beauties together in colorful DIY Valentine’s pots.

Valentine Decorations with plants

To create the DIY Valentine decoration pots we used:

DIY Valentines Decorations Hearts

1. Start by spray painting the pots, any color will do, but I am obviously a fan of pink for Valentine’s day or really any day of the year!

2. While you are waiting for the spray paint to dry, trace a heart on the backside of the black contact paper.

3. Stick the heart on your pots and plant with a pretty plant. The great thing about this DIY Valentines decorations project is that you can easily remove the heart after the holiday and enjoy the plant’s love all year long.

DIY Valentines Mantel Decorations

DIY Valentines Candelabra Decoration

To create our DIY Valentines display at home we created a homemade wood beam candelabra. The DIY project is really easy to do. I created a DIY birthday candelabra a few years back and I wanted to form a similar idea using more large scale taper candles that would look great in a mantel. This DIY Valentine craft only took us about 10 minutes to craft and it turns the mantel from basic to flame filled and lovely for the holiday.

DIY Valentines Decorations For Home

To create the DIY wood beam candelabra you will need:

  • One piece of 2×4 as long as your mantel or table
  • Large wood screws
  • A drill (this one is my favorite to use)
  • A pretty selection of taper candles for display

1. Space out your drill holes along the candelabra, leaving room to place in the DIY potted plants from above or other DIY Valentines Decorations along the mantel space as well.

2. Drill each screw up from the bottom and into the wood, being sure to go through the wood beam so that it will lay flat on the mantel.

3. Once that is done, simple tape the taper candles and gently screw them down and into each screw one by one. This will hold them into place securely for lighting and enjoying this modern rustic Valentine display.

DIY Valentine Candelabra wood beam

Having a pink mantel doesn’t hurt

When it comes to Valentine decor, life is much easier with a pink mantle, (see how we made it right here) Pink fireplaces for life!

These simple projects and the gorgeous texture that the potted plants bring in are a fun way to instantly gussy up a space for the holiday without making it look overtly pink & cupid ridden. When I think about decorating for holidays lately – I am drawn to elements that will simply bring in the season. Like our painted heart potted plants above, while also allowing us to not just toss everything after the holiday. These plants will all find new life throughout our festive home as we remove the hearts and place them around the house this year.

DIY Valentines Creative Decorations

I also love shopping for the house to come up with our own take on DIY Valentine’s decorations. Adding in heart details, like the heart mirror that we normally have in the kid’s bathroom, into the display bring it to life and don’t require us to purchase decorations that will be tossed on Feb 15th.

PS. Find more Valentines ideas to enjoy!

DIY Valentines Decor: In Closing…

You don’t need expensive Valentine’s day décor to impress your guests this year. Pour some love into making your own homemade decorations with our latest DIY Valentine’s Day ideas.

Explore this treasure trove of V-day inspiration, channel your creativity, and get started right away. We can’t wait to see the amazing things you’ll create!

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