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The perfect Christmas tree

I can’t believe Christmas is in less than a week. It is time to trim the tree! I shared yesterday that we have put up 6 Christmas trees, some real and a couple artificial. I’m not saying I am an expert, but I have learned a thing or two about Christmas trees this year. I’m partnering with Tree Classics today to share a few tips for the best way to choose your own perfect, fits-you-exactly. kind of Christmas tree.


Little Christmas tree

Your perfect tree type could be large and unruly and straight from the forest, made of lights on the wall (we made a chalkboard tree one year), or itty-bitty with bright colorful lights. Whatever your style, house size, and budget, the perfect Christmas tree is out there just waiting for you to find it!

Here are 3 tips for finding the best tree:

1) Plan early for a forest experience (for next year of course!). I know it seems crazy to be thinking about Christmas trees in September, but where we live permits to cut down your own usually sell out by then. Planning ahead to get your permit, sourcing a great thermos for cocoa, and making sure you know exactly where you are going will help the hunt be a raving success.

2) Measure! Whether you are at the tree lot, deep in the forest, or at the store the Christmas tree sizing will always look off. Be sure to measure your space for the Christmas tree with measuring tape and, just in case your forget to bring along the tape (which obviously never happens to me), measure it with your body size as well. 10 foot ceilings? Put a child on your shoulders and see how high the reach goes. Recreate this stance when picking out your tree – it’s not exactly scientific, but I know from experience it works in a pinch.

3) Don’t fear the faux tree. Artificial Christmas trees have come a long way over the past years. There are many sold these days that look and feel just like the real thing. The great thing about an artificial tree is that you can make one investment and use the tree year after year. To make an artificial tree feel more straight from the forest, purchase a long length of freshly cut evergreen garland to string throughout the tree. The garland branches will intermingle to make the tree seem more full and fresh, plus you won’t miss out on that gorgeous Christmas smell filling your house.

Here is a collection of some great artificial tree options.


Rustic and outdoorsy: If you want a tree that looks as if it’s just arrived from the snowy woods try out the Snow-Kissed Pine, the Snowy Aspen Spruce, the Clifton Pine, and the Alpine Estates Flocked Fir. One of these trees will allow you to enjoy the beauty of winter inside your home alongside some wreathes and pine cones.

The classic look: For many, Christmas is based around the traditional visuals, such as a tree showcasing a red, green and gold color scheme. Our Classic Fraser Fir and Majestic Blue Spruce exemplify this classic style, with lifelike Real Feel™ needles that won’t dry out and collect on your floor. For those whose living room is tight on space, we also have the slender Kennedy Fir and the Oregonian Slim.

Wintry trees: For those who prefer something distinct and unconventional, a white or silver tree will definitely stand out and create a wintry look. A Flocked White Fir Deluxe, the Arctic White Pine or the Silver Bells Silver Tree will ensure you have a White Christmas, regardless of the temperature outside.

No matter the style you’re looking for, our artificial trees will provide the perfect look without adding more tasks to your holiday to-do list. With an artificial tree, you won’t have to worry about daily watering or preventing your pets from trying to climb it. Our trees are easy to set up and to store away when the season is over. Whether you’re making the switch to an artificial tree for the first time, or you’re already familiar, Tree Classics will deliver the style and beauty you’re looking for, with a Christmas tree you’ll be able to use for years to come.

(Top photos ©John Dunaway, ©Tana Teel, ©Lumina /Stocksy United)

This post is done in promotional partnership with Classic Trees.

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