Double Frenchie With Color

Creating braids that look great and creative just takes a little imagination. This doubled up frenchie is a fun and unique option for a fall birthday party/apple picking/pumpkin spice latte type of weekend. Add a little dose of pink to the braid and the look can quickly transform into your new favorite hairstyle for girls night out.

Double Frenchie With Color

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Double Frenchie With Color

Double Frenchie With Color

Double Frenchie Braid

Get this fun double french braid in no time.

1. Start with LONG, thick and healthy hair (see above).

2. Separate 1/3 of hair and pin aside. Split remaining 2/3’s of hair into three strands and braid. Tie off this braid with a rubber band at the very bottom of it.

3. Loosen/ stretch this braid out by taking each section of braid and pulling it out so the braid looks thick and loose.

5. Grab 1/3 hair section that you set aside before- braid this section of hair, tie off at the end of the braid. Try to extend this braid as long as your other one.

Double Frenchie With Color

6. Loosen/ stretch this braid out by taking each section of braid and pulling it out so the braid looks thick and loose, however it should still be smaller/ less wide than your other braid.

7. Take this smaller braid and set it on top of the larger one. Use bobby pins to secure in place.

Double Frenchie With Color

A fresh and funky frenchie update for all the windy fall days ahead.

PS. 2 easy party braids & natural hair products for kids.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).