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treat flags

A sneak peak at what is coming this week…

(Photography credit Chelsea Robbins)

A delightful variation on the standard cupcake for a dessert table. Doughnuts have made their way into the sweet scene of my life quickly, leaving a trail of powdered sugar loveliness behind them! To top them off I created doughnut flags out of ribbon and string. The flags would give any dessert on your table an easy dose of celebration cheer.

Materials needed for doughnut flags:

  • Differing size candy sticks and toothpicks.
  • Ribbon and string in coordinating colors.
  • Liquid starch.

How to Make doughnut flags:

  • Cut your ribbons and strings to varying sizes.
  • Dredge in liquid starch.
  • Place around sticks to dry, lifting up portions of each ribbon to create a natural looking flow.

More to come soon from this super playful Christmas in July shoot.


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