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Do you dress up for Halloween? I have never been big into the holiday, but with the kids dressing up now it is so much more fun. The twins are going as Raggedy Ann and Andy this year! If you are looking for just a little something to wear, masks are an easy way to subtly dress it up. I noticed this one that Josie used for a shoot and was reminded how beautiful an ornate mask can be.

The maker of the gorgeous mask, Cutture stationary offered to create a festive downloadable mask just for you to use! If you’d like you can download the mask above by clicking here.

Print the mask out, cut around the edges, and glue it to a wooden stick for a perfectly subtle costume. Add glitter to the edges and wear it with a cocktail dress for a festive party, or keep the template plain and be ready for door to door candy gathering (our plan for the evening!). Beautiful and a little spooky, the best kind of Halloween costume.

Top photo by Sarah Gawler, styled by Savoir Weddings. Special thanks to Cutture for providing the mask.

PS. If you are looking for kids costume ideas, try my paper bunny and fox masks.

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