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Dressed to party eggs

Dressed to party eggs

These eggs are dressed to party… bows, ‘staches, and the perfect outfits to fit right into this year’s Easter celebrations – too fun!

I love personalizing Easter eggs to match actual people (see here). It’s just so much more fun when the egg looks like you! These printable party outfits and drawn on egg faces are a great new way to personalize your Easter eggs this year. Use the dress and suit as a starting point and color in the hair and eyes to match everyone you know. They are a sweet way to start off a personalized Easter basket and a fun idea for bringing eggs to a classroom Easter party (I’m making one for each kid!). You could even bring in the clothes and let the kids draw in their own faces.

The dressed to party Easter eggs will look whimsically fun set out as place markers, designed by you, to match each guest’s unique look at the brunch table. Just be sure to be kind and marker in the best features of every relative.

Dressed to party eggs

Printable suit and dress egg holders

To make the dressed to party eggs you will need: a color printer, Adobe Reader (free download right here), thick matte paper stock, x-acto knife, scissors, twine or string, adhesive, hard boiled eggs and markers to draw the eggs with.

Suit & Dress egg holders

Download the dressed to party egg PDF file and print onto a thick matte paper stock. Meanwhile, boil your eggs.

Using the back of an x-acto knife, score the fold lines for easy folding on the printed template.

Printable suit and dress egg holders

Using an x-acto knife or cutter, cut the entire shape of the egg holders. Using scissors, cut the ‘stache and bow according to their shapes. Don’t forget to remove the white diamond shapes on the egg holders.

Fold the egg holder like shown on the picture and adhere one end of the egg holder to the other with glue. Press the bottom and the upper parts together and tie up the middle with strings or twine to secure.

Make the party bow according to the instructions on the PDF.

Dressed to party eggs

Drain the boiled eggs, wipe them dry and let them cool for a few minutes. Draw faces on each one and stick the ‘stache and bow to complete the party look. Did you notice the gentleman even has cuff links!?! So cute!

Place the eggs into egg their indivdiual egg holders and enjoy the smiles and laughs to come.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Wita Puspita)

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