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Dyed Flowers In Rainbow Hues

In an effort to keep the pretty colors of the weekend alive, we dyed flowers to make a pretty spring bouquet. The result is a bouquet of the most gorgeously colored florals with pretty striping and a perfectly subtle appearance. I absolutely adore them… every one.

dyed flowers

Dyed Flowers are so pretty! Try it out, click for the DIYThe flowers would be a pretty touch for a spring dinner party, to give for Mother’s Day or just to brighten up a rainy April day. And with the kids home this week for spring break, finding crafts that don’t involve slime is hard to come by. ;) Dyed flowers are easy to do and will leave your house with a beautiful result… instead of fluffy slime everywhere. Ha!

How to dye flowers

Dyed Flowers

To make the dyed flowers you will only need a couple of things:

  • Flowers, white and light colors work the best
  • Water & vases
  • Food coloring

pink dyed flowers

dyed flowers tutorialTo create the pretty dyed flowers, I exposed the sharply cut stems of white mums to a food coloring + water mixture. Making sure that before you stick the stems into the water, you cut the ends sharply at an angle. This allows for the most water absorption, meaning the most color absorption as well.

I didn’t use much food coloring (2 drops per cup), mix and match the colors to create your own favorite combos.

Then let the flowers sit in the colored water for about 48 hours. The coolest thing about this project is that the kids can watch the color run up the stem and start filling out the flowers.

Rainbow dyed flowers

Homemade Dyed flowers

And just like that rainbow dyed flowers in any hue you can dream up. Create a large table centerpiece by lining up vases of these or place bunches of mixed colors around the house. Anyway you create the project it is such a great way to welcome in spring.

PS. I designed a spring centerpiece using these dyed flowers that you will be able to see in the floral issue of Styled. magazine right here.


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