Now that the twins are getting older, holidays are becoming much more fun. In my attempt to create celebrations they will remember and traditions that will last, the idea of crafting a heirloom Easter basket is prefect. I love taking time to make holiday pieces that will be able to be used year after year.

Using craft raffia dyed into several different hues, this beautifully woven basket has been given a festive and personal touch. Read on for the full tutorial.

The Easter basket started out as a pretty, but plain weaved basket. I see them often at the thrift stores around town. Plain woven baskets can be purchased incredibly cheap at craft stores as well. If you want to make the entire basket from hand, learn how to weave your own pine-needle and raffia baskets here. With a purchased basket, depending on the spacing between your layers you may be able to simply dye the raffia and wrap it with the basket together. I had to take mine apart.

After the raffia has been dyed into pretty colors or purchased as colored raffia, begin by separating the basket layers. Decide on a good spacing to wrap the first layer and be consistent moving up the basket. Re-wrap the corners and leave two tails of raffia hanging off each corner to reconnect the layers. Move around the basket this way wrapping your way up. After you have all the layers wrapped it is time to reconnect your basket. Start at the top layer of the basket and using the tail corner ends of the raffia wrap each corner together, end with a tiny dab of glue to hold into place. Direct the raffia tails to end in the same direction on each wrap and end the connections a bit thinner as you move up to add consistency to the layers.

PS. Found these amazing raffia woven shoes, next project perhaps!?!