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Easy Doodle Art – Fill Your Journal with Eye Candy 2022

Doodling is a fun thing to do, and it doesn’t matter what age you are, we bet you have done it at some time in your life.

Have you ever found yourself filling in your notebook or even school textbook with drawings and small artwork that seem to have manifested out of nowhere?

You didn’t set out to create anything but managed to do so anyway.

Now we have a few easy doodle art ideas that can center and redirect your creativity that’s both soothing and entertaining!

Easy Doodle Art – What Is It Anyway?

doodle art

You may be sitting there wondering what a doodle even is. Doodles are essentially little sketches you make that aren’t of anything in particular.

They don’t require any planning, an outline or thought, really. Just pick up a pencil, pen, crayon, whatever instrument you have and go with it!

Don’t worry, if you think you’re not that creative, we do have some ideas ready for you to try!

Cute Doodles for Beginners

1. Borders and Corners

Borders and Corners

We think the easiest thing to start with is doodles to decorate your page. You can infuse your simple doodles with your bullet journal or notebook. Try sketching vines, streamers, ribbons, any long-form items that can encircle the page and add something extra. Here are some more ideas to combine into borders:

  • Streamers
  • Leaves
  • Plants
  • Shapes
  • Flowers

You can also consider adding cute logos to your items in the corners to join the ribbons together. Think about using stars, hearts, or holiday-related such as candy canes and Jack-o-lanterns. Speaking of the holidays, you can also think about creating your own unique wrapping paper with your easy, cute doodles. Check out these corner art ideas:

  • Stars
  • Hearts
  • Candy
  • Letters
  • Logos
  • Flowers

2.Easy Doodles of Nature

Easy Doodles of Nature

We’re not sure about you, but when we doodle, flowers and trees come to mind. We’re inclined to think that nature doodles are easy to do, which is why they are our next suggestion.

But you don’t have to stop at flowers and trees, mountains, sunsets, and even animals that will make your page stand out.

Remember, doodles aren’t complicated. See what you can draw with a few simple lines – you may be pleasantly surprised! Try these out:

  • Birds
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Clouds
  • Stars
  • The sun
  • Mountains
  • Forests

3. Food Doodles

Food doodle

Who doesn’t love food? Why not decorate your page with doodles of your favorite dishes? There are so many food doodles to draw, you can consider putting them on calendars or your daily planners.

Fill in your lunch and dinner hours with what you plan to eat that day. Again, simple does it, just basic details will do!

For food doodles especially, we love candy and pastries. Do you have ideas brewing yet? Try these:

  • Pizza
  • Burgers
  • Lollipops
  • Cupcakes
  • Fruits

4. Cosmic Doodles

Cosmic doodle

You know what’s out of this world? Cosmic doodles, of course! Here is where you can let your imagination run wild with what you assume is out there, and what we know to exist.

There are no limits to the doodles of the universe. You can do a small solar system in one corner, or expand the starts to cover half the page! It’s up to you.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Planets
  • Stars
  • Nebulas
  • Comets
  • Cute aliens
  • Spaceships
  • Black holes

5. Motivational Doodles

motivational doodle

Perhaps our very favorite is motivational doodles. How can doodles be motivational? Well, write down words that you want to embody or things you want to come into your life, and then decorate them nicely on your notebooks.

The time you take to think about it and draw it will feed positive energy into the word you chose and the universe, hopefully opening doors to new possibilities to bring those things to you. Some ideas for motivation words are:

  • Love
  • Confidence
  • Care
  • indness
  • Empowerment
  • Strength
  • Courage

6. Imaginary Character Doodle

imaginary characters doodle

You will never be without a friend when you’re studying, reading, or writing if you add a cute imaginary character doodle to liven up the pages.

I can be a character you know and love (but maybe add a spin on it), or it can be one you conjure up yourself. The sky is the limit here, so we won’t stifle your creativity with any leading ideas.

Imaginary characters are great to call on if you want to surprise a friend or relative by creating your own special birthday card or holiday card. Soon, your little imaginary friend will be your own mascot!

7. Repetitive Art Doodles

repetitive art doodle

Have you ever seen sketches of great intricacy that cover an entire page? This type of artwork looks like it’s just lines and shapes intertwined or maybe an amalgam of flowers or paisley print repeating over and over again into a masterpiece?

Well, you can do that too and it’s easier than you think!

Start with something basic. Choose a theme such as flowers. Do a very basic version of the flower and build on your first design with curvy lines, shapes, and other easy items that can combine into perfection.

Why Doodle?

Are there benefits to doodling, or is it just a thoughtless pastime? Some people just need to do something with their hands while they’re focusing on something else.

The trend started quite a few years ago with doodling, shading and coloring, but the science behind it goes further than that.

Doodling actually brings great things into your life and helps you focus. Let’s explore what doodling can do.

Heightened Concentration

Remember how we said some people just need to move their hands and do something idle while focusing on something else? Well, Jackie Andrade, a psychologist, has proved that it can help increase concentration.

Creative Release

Doodling is also known to stimulate parts of the brain that are more artistic. These parts are generally dormant when we’re speaking through words, but drawing doodles can help us express our creativity that is helpful in many ways such as relaxation.

Process Emotions

We usually express our emotions through facial expressions, words or actions, but doodling can help us channel our emotions in another (often healthier) way. It works similarly to the way keeping a mood journal would.

Soothes Stress

Like an adult coloring book, doodling and then even filling your doodles in with color can help alleviate stress. Adulting is stressful, there is no way around that as our responsibilities compound as we mature, but having an outlet to release those pent-up feelings can really help, and that is where doodling comes in.

Final Thoughts

We would say there are no drawbacks to doodling unless you want to count piles of artwork accumulating around the house a drawback.

There are numerous benefits from fostering and cultivating your creative side to alleviating everyday stress. Such benefits are so important that we feel it’s crucial not to miss out on doodling.

Take a few minutes a day to doodle when you’re stressed or down. It’s easy to get started, just learn some basic shapes, pick and theme, grab your pencil and go!